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'Heddwch' is the national supporters magazine of CND Cymru, the Welsh Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, from 1981 to present. Contents Page 1: • Planet Impact 2020 - Title page Page 2: • Nuclear Buttons, Ballots and Brexit - A look at the main UK political parties’ stance on nuclear related issues. Page 3: • World Nuke Ban Gets Closer! - Many more states have ratified the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. • The Middle East, Nuclear Weapons and Disarmament - Public meeting. • ICAN Comes to Aber - Beatrice Fihn of ICAN spoke on the glocal Prohibition Treaty at Aberystwyth University. Page 4-5: • The Militarisation of Space - Dave Webb discusses the military perspectives transforming the UK’s space industry. Page 6: • Extinction Rebellion-Heddwch - Peace groups endorsed the proposal for XR-Peace as a peace bloc for Extinction Rebellion’s October Rebellion. • Report from the Front Line - Angie Zelter on the Extinction Rebellion’s protest at the MoD in October. Page 7: • What Do We Want? - Setting out a vision for a caring and peaceful society. • Plogoff Remembered - Linda Rogers of PAWB commemorates the famous anti-nuclear campaign at Plagoff in Britanny. Page 8-9: • The World Nuclear Waste Report - Rebecca Harms discusses nuclear waste in Europe and the US. Page 10: • No to SMRS at Trawsfynydd or Wylfa - Setting out the arguments against the Small Modular Reactor. • EDF’s Many Headaches - Brian Jones looks at the problems facing EDF, the company that dredged sediment from Hinkley Point C. Page 11: • Wylfa Newydd: Consent Deferred - An update on Hitachi-owned Horizon Nuclear’s application to build new reactors at Wylfa. Page 12: • Wales News: Around Wales, O fôn I fynywy • General Election 2019 Wales - Results Page 13: • Wales News: Around Wales, O fôn I fynywy Page 14: • Obituaries: • Norma Cooper 1929-2019 • Mary Korn 1939-2019 Page 15: • Media: • Book- Climate Resistance Handbook: Or I War part of a Climate Action, now what? • Book - Writings for a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence • Theatre - Llyfr Glas Nebo takes to the stage • Film - The Beginnings of the End of Nuclear Weapons Page 16: • CND Cymru Contacts • Banners from Yesterday - Photo • Heddwch Contacts

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