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'Campaign Wales' was the regular newsletter for supporters of CND Cymru, the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, from 1985 to 1991.
Page 1
‘Success and hope’
-Success of PAWB’s campaign and hopes for disarmament to be celebrated at Nuclear Free Wales Festival in Bangor in February.
-Performances from Bob Delyn, Maria Tolly, Peacemakers and Giro City.
‘Bunker Plan for N-War’
-Mid Glamorgan county plans to build £1,000,000 bunker for council members.
Picture: Peace campaigners in boats protesting HMS Jupiter.
Page 2 – Nuclear Free Seas
‘Stop the Subs’ by Brian Jones
-Mobilising public opposition on plans for council of West Glamorgan to vote on nuclear submarine dock.
-Must show navy public opposition rather than concentrating campaigning against council.
‘Sea Action’ by Peter Burt
-HMS Jupiter protest following Cardiff visit.
-Campaigners in boats ‘escorted’ frigate through Cardiff bay.
‘Editorial’ by Rhoda Jones
-First issue for 1990. Reminder for upcoming festival.
‘Diary Dates’
Page 3
‘Lies and Waste – the nuclear con’ by Rhodri Glyn Thomas
-Calls bunkers and nuclear weapons a waste of taxpayers’ money.
‘Bunker’ (continued) by James Stewart
-criticizes council for collaborating with government for bunker planning.
Page 4
‘Inside for Peace’
-account of Bob Cole and Rod Stallard arrest and sentencing.
-Picture: Bob Cole and Rod Stallard in the back of a police car.
‘People to People’
-Extracts of Rae Street’s report in America.
‘American Friends’ by Carole Woods
-Welsh-North American publication plans and requests members to write in with their questions.
Page 5
‘Back in the USSR?’ by Bruce Watkins
-A response to critical letters sent in discussing political turmoil of CND Cymru’s visit to Latvia.
‘Hungary for Change’ by Rod Stallard
-Discussion on political situation in Hungary.
‘One World’ by Mary Johnson and Gaynor Morgan
-account of Rhuthun Town Hall event in October last year which attracted 400 visitors.
Page 6
‘Labour and the Bomb’ by Bob Cole
-Claims a vote for Labour will not end nuclear weapon possession.
Includes Membership Form.

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