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Published from 1985 as 'Campaign Wales' and from 1991 as 'Heddwch', the supporter magazine for CND Cymru - the Welsh Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament has been published roughly quarterly to the present day, and is an invaluable reference and source material on community action Wales-wide in support of global peace and internationalism across 4 decades.
(NB - there are some disparities in numbering of publications, but they become more sequential from 1988)
Page 1
‘No New Nukes!’
-Peace groups in Wales collecting signatures for petition against new nuclear weapons.
‘Festival ‘90’
-planning for Nuclear Free Wales festival in Bangor on February 24th.
Page 2
‘Where Now’ A personal Reflection by Bob Cole.
-Call for reinvigoration of CND as movement seemingly in decline.
-expresses need to appeal to younger generation.
-two letters received disagreeing with previous newsletter on the amount of time given to discussing internal political situation in Wales.
‘Raising Money’
-Calls for funds as decade nears end.
Page 3
‘Harbinger of Peace’
-translated poem from Welsh ‘Cennad Hedd’
‘Tribute to Helen Thomas’ by Menna Elfyn
-Helen Wyn Thomas who was killed in an accident near the Yellow Gate at Greenham Common is remembered.
Picture: Photograph of Helen Thomas and CND Cymru banners at National Eisteddfod in Llanrwst.
Page 4
Picture: National Power laying claim to Trawsfynydd nuclear power station.
‘No case for Hinkley C’
-The Welsh Anti-Nuclear Alliance is threatening legal action if a new nuclear power station is built at Hinkley in Somerset.
Page 5
‘PAWB’s alternative’
-PAWB group believe no final decision should be taken on the CEGB’s plans to build the Wylfa B PWR without first considering all the relevant evidence.
‘Nuclear Threat to Europe’
-Nuclear power station in Golfech due to start generating electricity for export to Spain soon.
‘Archive’ – letter from Thalia Campbell.
Page 6
‘No New Nuclear Weapons’ – cutout petition.
Page 7 – advertisements
Page 8 and 9
‘European Appeal for Nuclear Disengagement’ - petition for signatures to be sent in for ban on nuclear weapons in Europe.

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