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Published from 1985 as 'Campaign Wales' and from 1991 as 'Heddwch', the supporter magazine for CND Cymru - the Welsh Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament has been published roughly quarterly to the present day, and is an invaluable reference and source material on community action Wales-wide in support of global peace and internationalism across 4 decades.

(NB - there are some disparities in numbering of publications, but they become more sequential from 1988)

‘CND Cymru at the top’ by Bob Cole.
-Cole detailing dropping banner ‘No new Nukes’ overlooking parliament Square 4th April.
Picture: CND Banner.

Page 2
‘Peace and Independence’ by Rhoda Jones.
-Details CND Cymru summer visit to Latvia.
‘Politics of the Popular Front’ by Rhodri Glyn Thomas
-Political situation of Latvia detailed.

Page 3
‘Cost of ‘defense’ by Derek Gregory
-detailing poor economic state of Latvia due to defense spending.
Picture: photograph of Derek Gregory, Joanne Castle, Rhoda Jones, John Williams, Rhodri Glyn Thomas and Bruce Watkins with Latvian hosts.
‘Young want easier Life’ by Joanne Castle
-Piece detailing Latvian desire for independence movement.
Picture: Latvian folk group Janis from Aluksne.

Page 4
‘Where are the banners of yesteryear?’ by Tony Simpson
-Desire for Welsh Peace Archive to collect CND Cymru heritage.
Picture: ‘Aberystwyth 1986 – banner presented to nuclear free New Zealand with Ann Clwyd and Dr Barbara Einhorn by Thalia Campbell.

Page 5
Picture: Rhodri Thomas boards the nuclear capable destroyer with police escorts.
-Campaigning against HMS Cardiff visit to Cardiff docks which was opposed by South Glamorgan CND.

Page 6
‘The facts about the greenhouse’ by Margaret Minhinnick
-Response to letter from P.J. Curtis.

Page 7
‘Isolated Britain’ by Bob Cole.
-claim that Britain’s political parties are moving in wrong direction from nuclear peace.
‘Euro-vote for Peace’
-three quarters of Welsh voters in Euro-elections voted for candidates who had signed an International Peace Appeal for elections.

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