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Published from 1985 as 'Campaign Wales' and from 1991 as 'Heddwch', the supporter magazine for CND Cymru - the Welsh Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament has been published roughly quarterly to the present day, and is an invaluable reference and source material on community action Wales-wide in support of global peace and internationalism across 4 decades.
(NB - there are some disparities in numbering of publications, but they become more sequential from 1988)
1989.05.CND Campaign Wales 12 English May-July 1989
Page 1
‘Put the Dinosaurs back in the Museum’
-Celebration of NATO’s 40th anniversary but CND questions relevance of organization.
Picture: Cartoon of NATO HQ
Page 2
‘86% Vote for Nuclear Disarmament’ – James Stewart
-Pontypridd by-election, eighty-six percent of electorate voted for candidates who were in favor of nuclear disarmament.
-accusations of Labour distancing themselves from nuclear disarmament.
‘Three Mile Island’
-10 years since incident at Three Mile Island following reactor accident.
-Claims that this proves nuclear power plants are not as safe as often proclaimed.
Page 3
‘Brian Kenny and Phil Mills’
-Deaths of two CND secretaries announced – Phil Mills and Brian Kenny.
‘Expatriate Protest’
Picture: Duncan Moon arrested in Australia protesting the presence of the USS Brenton in Albany.
‘The Swansea Festival’
Picture: Joan Ruddock and Veronica Wood at CND Cymru’s stall.
Page 4
‘PAWB’s Perspective’ – Selwyn Williams
-PAWB group convinced public opinion is against expansion of nuclear program following presentation of evidence against Hinkley point construction.
Picture: Cartoon depicting Sheep and windmills
Advertisement: Peace Shop in Roath, Cardiff
Page 5
‘Conference Report’
-Delegate conference election results included.
-Financial report also included.
-Union between European and American peace groups ideas at CND Cymru’s annual conference.
-Idea to send letters or distributed newsletters to Welsh groups in the US.
‘Forward with CND Cymru’
-re-assertion of CND Cymru’s principles and goals.
Page 6
‘AWE Cardiff’
-St. David’s Day Sit down success and a well-publicized event.
Picture: Sit-down protest, Cardiff.
Diary – Important Dates here.

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