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Published from 1985 as 'Campaign Wales' and from 1991 as 'Heddwch', the supporter magazine for CND Cymru - the Welsh Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament has been published roughly quarterly to the present day, and is an invaluable reference and source material on community action Wales-wide in support of global peace and internationalism across 4 decades.
(NB - there are some disparities in numbering of publications, but they become more sequential from 1988)
1988.08.CND Cymru Campaign Wales 09 English August - September 1988
Page 1
Picture: Trident Cartoon
‘New Bombs for Old’ - ‘Trident Campaign Continues’
-CND groups delivered 100,000 anti-Trident leaflets.
-Letters to Welsh MPs urging support for campaign.
‘The Challenge Ahead’
-Keep momentum going for campaign, warning from Rhodri Glyn of cost of Trident.
‘Campaigns Worker Salary Appeal’
-List of groups, affiliates, individuals who have given money to CND.
Page 2
‘The Importance of Being Nuclear-Free’
-Wales declared itself a nuclear weapons free country six years ago.
-This nuclear free zone movement extends to other areas in the world.
‘Towards a Nuclear-Free Scotland’
-comparison of difficulties and advantages of nuclear free zones in Scotland versus Wales.
‘In Memory of a Pacifist – W.J. Jones (1907-1988)’
-CND Cymru collection at burial.
-Memorial of Jones, a founder member of CND Penllyn.
Page 3
‘Defending Irish Neutrality’
-Main aim of CND in Ireland is to oppose the development of the European community into a nuclear armed super state. – would endanger neutrality.
--Group is aiming to pass a nuclear free zone bill.
‘Nuclear Free Zones and Northern Ireland’
-Council decision to declare Belfast a nuclear free zone and revamping of other Irish CND projects.
Page 4
‘Racism and the Nuclear Connection’
-Aboriginal woman, Joan Wingfield visits Wales. Details her experience as a native woman and mistreatment from Australian government.
-People Against Wylfa B formed following plans to build nuclear power station at Anglesey.
-Calls for people to join and support movement.
‘The Big One World Raffle’
-calls to sell raffle tickets for annual fundraiser.
‘Refusing to pay Fines’
-Rowena Thomas, Janet Tyrrell and Jean Oliver refused to pay fines and face imprisonment.
Page 5
‘Hinkley Point Inquiry: A Model for Wylfa?’
-Calls to carry on objecting and travel to Somerset if possible.
-Cites opinion survey that shows majority are against Hinkley construction.
‘Youth CND Cymru on the Move’
-Details need for youth branch of CND Cymru.
‘The Henry Richard Lectures’
-Announcement of full text of lectures to be published.
Picture: Demonstration Against Hinkley on April 30th.
Page 6
‘Diary’ – Important dates.
‘New Address’
‘Opinion Lines’ includes phone numbers
‘Our New General Secretary’
-introduction of Veronica Wood from Dunvant.

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