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Published from 1985 as 'Campaign Wales' and from 1991 as 'Heddwch', the supporter magazine for CND Cymru - the Welsh Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament has been published roughly quarterly to the present day, and is an invaluable reference and source material on community action Wales-wide in support of global peace and internationalism across 4 decades.
(NB - there are some disparities in numbering of publications, but they become more sequential from 1988)
Page 1
‘Well Done Wales’
-Announcement of election results with non-nuclear defense policy politicians in Labour gain seats and strengthen majority.
-Strengthens the CND movement and calls for further pressure to be put on government for disarmament.
‘Looking Ahead’ - Important upcoming diary dates here.
Page 2
‘The Link Between the Welsh Language Society and the Peace Movement’ by Menna Elfyn
-Reminiscing of CND journey and growth of movement. The movement unites both Welsh and non-Welsh speaking.
‘Should We Pay for Nuclear Power’
-Calls for protest by withholding a portion of your electricity bill which is powered by nuclear energy. Legal advice for protest action given here.
Page 3
‘A Real and Comprehensive Test Ban?’
-Gorbachev and USSR in favor of CTB but US and UK only interested in limiting arsenal size rather than an overall ban.
-Hope for future expressed and calls for petition to local government.
-Background notes on subject included.
Page 4
‘Report from the Annual Conference of Northern Ireland CND’
-Announcement of growth of Northern Ireland CND, Celtic ties between this group and CND Cymru expressed.
-Concern over Sellafield and Irish Sea and danger of nuclear pollution.
-Different views on nuclear energy/nuclear weapon expressed at meeting however.
‘Women’s International Day for Peace and Justice’ – May 23rd 1987
-Re-establishment of Brawdy Women’s Peace Camp in Pembrokeshire.
-Several women chained themselves at Trawsfynydd Fence at US nuclear Submarine base.
-Picture: Women chained to fence.
-Join CND Cymru – membership form.
Page 5
‘Civil Defense in Wales in 1987’
-Recommendation from ‘National Steering Committee of Nuclear Free Zones’ for civil defense.
-Calls to write to local councils.
-Picture: cartoon of ‘hard sell’ with inclusion of advertisement for new letters page to be added to the newsletter.
Page 6
‘Wales Against Nuclear testing National Petition’ – list added here.

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