• CND Heddwch 2 Autumn 1991

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'Heddwch' is the supporter magazine for CND Cymru, the Welsh Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, published roughly quarterly from 1991 to the present day. It started as ‘Campaign Wales’ from 1985, following CND Cymru’s establishment as an independent campaigning network from 1981.


Page 1.
- COVER: “TRIDENT ‘What the hell is it for?’”. CND Cymru has launched a new campaign.

Page 2.
- “THANK YOU, NEIL” letter from the General Secretary of CND Cymru on 20 August 1991 towards the Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock; CND calls on Labour Party members to join their work on getting rid of nuclear weapons despite different political opinions.
- “The view from the hot seat” - An interview with the CND Chair Marjorie Thompson speaking on topics of her time in office, the Gulf War, Kinnock, the Gulf War, US President George H. W. Bush’s proposals to cut the US nuclear arsenal and challenges to the CND campaign going forward.
- “FACTS FOR FREE” advertisement of the distribution of free booklets targeted at young people encouraging registering as first-time voters to oppose the use of nuclear weapons.

Page 3.
- “Politicians must face the nuclear challenge” article written by the CND Cymru General Secretary on the CND’s reaction to President Bush’s proposal for unilateral cuts to the US nuclear arsenal.
- “Boycott Trident” pledge of a boycotting campaign of consumer products made by manufacturers of nuclear weapons components.

Page 4.
- “YOUTH” column by CND Welsh campaigner Dawn Clarke of Cardiff
- “Postcard power to write off acid rain?” article written by Richard Baker on the environmental threat and vulnerability from fossil-fuel burning power stations in Wales. A map of the UK is also included to show areas of excess acidity.

Page 5.
- “Twisted logic of low flying” article written by James Stewart on the crash of a Tornado jet on 12 September, as a broader pattern of low-flying military aircraft that crashed in Wales since 1980.
- “RAF WARNS OF CRASH RISKS” article that appeared in the “Shropshire Star” on the threat to civilians of low-flying aircraft.
- “AIR MAIL” column written by Gillian Metcalf of Lampeter with ideas for a Welsh campaign against low-level flying.

Page 6.
- “In the Lions Den” column written by Rowena Thomas of Wrexham on a meeting of the National Council of Christian CND regarding Trident submarines.
- “A failure of imagination” - Book Review of “The Gulf Between Us: The Gulf War and Beyond” by Victoria Brittain (Virago - review by Jo Edwards).

Page 7.
- “NIREX’s nuclear waste farce” article written by Hugh Richards of the Welsh Anti-Nuclear Alliance on how environmental groups reacted to the announcement that Sellafield will be used as a site for long-term disposal of nuclear waste.
- “Peace Invaders” column on how peace campaigners invaded the army’s war games village in Powys on 31 August.

Page 8.
- “HOW NOT TO BURN OUT” article by Colin Heyman on the difficulties faced by the “Mothers for Peace” campaign, focusing on a particular group of women residing in North Wales.
- “Arms trade” advertisement from Newport CND.
- “CND Cymru” form to join and donate to the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.
- “Peace Shop” Cardiff advert.

Page 9.
- “Going Home” by Thalia Campbell recalling the 10th anniversary of the march from Wales to the Greenham Common women’s peace camp.
- “Cash call” appeal by Bob Cole toward the target audience to help continue CND campaigns in the forthcoming general election on major political issues.
- “Bankers Order Form” and “Sponsorship Form” for donation to CND Cymru
- “SURVIVAL STUDIES” - Book review of “Understanding War” by W.B. Gallie (Routledge - review by Ann Lukes)
- “Grass roots” by Vera Jones on planting a tree to commemorate Hiroshima Day.

Page 10.
- Picture by Jean Crabb - A short piece on the appointment of a new part-time worker, Mary Jones, developing a campaign for peace groups in South Wales. Also includes the Welsh translation of the piece.
- “UNCONTROLLED POLLUTION” report by Hugh Richards on the thresholds of low-level radioactive waste under the control of the Radioactive Substances Act of 1960 in Trawsfynydd Lake.
- “LOW FLYING: A Wales Within Europe Perspective” advertisement of a one-day conference on the RAF Low-Flying Policy in Powys on 30th November, organised by David Morris MEP and Joe Wilson MEP.

Page 11.
- “STOP THE TRAWSFYNYDD TEST” leaflet by the Welsh Anti Nuclear Alliance of the campaign to prevent a potential nuclear accident and encouraging readers to join a demonstration at Trawsfynydd or Westminster or make a donation to the campaign.

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