• CND Heddwch 5 Summer 1993

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'Heddwch' is the supporter magazine for CND Cymru, the Welsh Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, published roughly quarterly from 1991 to the present day. It started as ‘Campaign Wales’ from 1985, following CND Cymru’s establishment as an independent campaigning network from 1981.


Page 1. Cover
- “Test ban update” piece and pledge for action regarding the US moratorium on re-starting nuclear weapons tests.

Page 2.
- “The Atomic Weapons Establishment, Cardiff: hot food to take-away?”article on a former Royal Ordnance Factory in the suburbs of Cardiff converted to produce components of British nuclear weapons.

Page 3.
- “Nuclear power & nuclear weapons - the links” information piece on the history and usage of nuclear reactors in various countries.

Page 4.
- “Freedom of the Skies” campaign poster consists of poetry, prose and drawings about the effects of military low-level flying aircraft over rural communities.
- “Exhibition of Women Arts” advertisement.

Page 5.
- “Peace in the Valley” article on the 1993 CND Cymru Annual Meeting, the theme of ‘Hope in a Changing World’ with the potential to be transformed for peace.
- “The Basic Case” for CND campaign advertisement.
- “Paul Donovan Builders” advertisement.
- Book Review of Stella Ashton’s “Maisie and Me: a Country Childhood in the 1920s” (Ex Libris Press), reviewed by Judith Anderson.
- Book Review of Bruce Kent’s “Undiscovered Ends” (Harper Collins), reviewed by Judith Anderson.

Page 6.
- “Women on the Road for Peace” piece on the fourth year of women travelling around visiting nuclear and military installations in various parts of the country. Appeals to join the tour are made.
- “Hiroshima Day: August 6th 1993” commemoration of the tragedy by CND Cymru by organising action on Eisteddfod field for supporters of a peaceful world.
- “Women’s Aid to Former Yugoslavia” appeal to support women involved in the peace - movement in response to 1992 atrocities being committed.
- “Writing beats Fighting” appeal to write a letter on the nuclear issue to the House of Commons.
- “Trawsfinished” - An update on Nuclear Electric’s attempt to obtain a license to use nuclear power to produce electricity in Trawsfynydd Nuclear Power Station.

Page 7.
- “LISTINGS” of various events affiliated or hosted by CND Cymru.
- “Astonishing Facts Corner from YCND” information piece comparing jelly babies to the cost of Trident submarines.

Page 8.
- “Heddwch Action News” column.
- “FELLOWSHIP OF RECONCILIATION IN WALES” advertisement of event in Eisteddfod Field.
- “Scraeg” advertisement.
- “Our latest bargain offer” advertisement of a ‘beautiful CND Cymru sweatshirt’.
- “Contacts” within CND Cymru.
- “HELP!” appeal for Volunteers in Swansea CND.
- “TRIDENT’S A DEAD DUCK” advertisement of race.

Page 9.
- A Letter for readers to fill into their local MP regarding their views on arms trade with a huge arms bazaar to be held in Aldershot with mostly overseas government officials.
- A Letter for readers to fill into Israeli Ambassador to the UK, Yavo Viran, regarding details of Israeli nuclear weapons programme to the international press leading to the imprisonment of Mordechai Vanunu.

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