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'Heddwch' is the supporter magazine for CND Cymru, the Welsh Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, published roughly quarterly from 1991 to the present day. It started as ‘Campaign Wales’ from 1985, following CND Cymru’s establishment as an independent campaigning network from 1981.
Page 1. COVER
- “No thanks” cartoon of a person kicking a nuclear missile.
- “INSIDE” column of key articles in the magazine.
Page 2.
- “A Holiday in Ireland” advertisement.
- “The Prime Minister’s Matra” poem by Lib Rowland Hughes.
- “CONTACTS” for CND Cymru.
- “I want to join the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament” form to join and donate.
- “Peace Shop” Cardiff advert.
Page 3.
- “World Court declares nuclear weapons threat and illegal!” article of a ruling by the International Court of Justice that the threat or use of nuclear weapons would be ‘contrary to the rules of international law applicable in armed conflict’.
- “Safety Fears at Nuclear ‘Car-Boot’ Sale” article on the commercial pressure at British nuclear power stations.
Page 4.
- “Nuclear Weapons - Targeting People Everywhere” information piece on the dangers of nuclear arsenals despite the signing of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) committing nuclear weapon states to move to disarmament.
- “Stop the Hawks Gwynedd” article on the activities of the Peace Camp outside the RAF Valley in Anglesey and the use of hawk aircraft to support the oppressive and genocidal policies in East Timor.
Page 5.
- “Not Secret, Not Surprising, Not Subtle” information piece on the development of the Western European Union.
- “TAXES FOR PEACE NOT WAR” leaflet for an international conference.
Page 6.
- “Nuclear Trains Across Wales” information piece and map.
Page 7.
- “So you thought the Gulf War was over” article by Jill Stallard on the deaths of 560,000 Iraqi children attributed to UN sanctions.
- “Mordechai Vanunu - 10 years in solitary for telling the truth about Israel’s nuclear bomb” appeal of a campaign to free the nuclear technician on charges of ‘treason’ and ‘espionage’ and tried for imprisonment by Israeli authorities.
Page 8.
- “Thorp, Mox and Nuclear Proliferation” information piece by Dave Andrews on British Nuclear Fuels (B.N.F.L.) pursuing a development policy that risks the proliferation of nuclear weapons and a ‘plutonium economy’.
- Book Review of Jeremy Hall’s “Real Lives - tales from the atomic wasteland” (Penguin Books), reviewed by Jill Stallard.
Page 9.
- “The Southern Hemisphere - an almost Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone?” article on treaties established in Africa and ASEAN for nuclear-free zones.
- “Faslane - trashing Trident” article of a huge rally outside the Trident nuclear submarine base.
Page 10.
- “Pacificists Occupy Military Control Centre” article of a group of protestors entering the fake village of Cilieni on Mynydd Epynt, Powys, which is in the middle of a military training area.
- “Learning from Libya” article reflecting the bombings of Tripoli and Benghazi and the threat of nuclear weapons linked to ‘interventionary politics’.
Page 11.
- “To Greenham Women EVERYWHERE” leaflet by CND Cymru on the contamination of thousands of Welsh women and others taking part in anti-Cruise missile protests at Greenham Common from radioactive materials with an appeal to action.

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