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'Heddwch' is the supporter magazine for CND Cymru, the Welsh Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, published roughly quarterly from 1991 to the present day.
Page 1:
• Getting what we want - Cartoon.
Page 2:
• The non-violent fight - Dafydd Iwan on the UN year for a culture of peace.
Page 3:
• The nuclear non proliferation treaty review conference 2000: Nuclear disarmament - but not yet…
Page 4:
• News round-up:
• The US answers the NPT by extending the nuclear target list
• Russia may use the nuclear bomb first - New military doctrine in Russia.
• NATO on trial - NATO’s war crimes against Yugoslavia.
• Trouble at Criggion - Deliberate damage to Criggion BT station was not a Trident Ploughshares 2000 action.
• A lack of confident trick: BNFL and the Atomic Weapons Establishments - More problems at Sellafield.
• Nuclear Tails - Cartoon.
Page 5:
• News round-up cont.:
• Decision time for U.S. “Star Wars” approaches
• Auf Weidersehen nukes? - Proposed date of 2018 for German nuclear power stations closing.
• Wylfa nuclear power station in trouble - Reactors at Wylfa are still non-operational.
• Dead submarines - Plans for the MoD to decommission nuclear powered submarines.
Page 6:
• Chernobyl - Commemorating the 14th anniversary of the disaster.
• Windscale pile problems - Decommissioning of Windscale piles at Sellafield has been halted.
• The European Union - a nuclear weapons alliance? - Formation of a “European Rapid Reaction Force” to be discussed at EU summit.
• The deplorable sound of dirt money: Iraq’s children continue to die - Sanctions on Iraq are still in place 10 years on.
Page 7:
• Trident Ploughshares 2000: Humans behaving responsible - A round up of the latest protests and actions by the Trident Ploughshares 2000 campaign group.
Page 8:
• Wales and the world - an ethical economy - Excerpts from the National Assembly’s Ethical Economy report.
Page 9:
• Wylfa nuclear power station must close! - Crises at Wylfa since Novmeber 1999.
• Business at Brawdy - Jill Stallard returns to Brawdy.
Page 10:
• Campaign Updates:
• Nuclear weapons - a matter of concern to Wales - Meeting held to discuss implications of Trident on international relations.
• A bit of a rumpus at BAe Glascoed - Protestors arrested at British Aerospace weapons factory at Glascoed.
• CND Cymru goes to Aldermaston - Welsh protestors at the Trident Ploughshares 2000 blockade in Aldermaston.
• Judicial Review to challenge manufacture of Trident warheads.
Page 11:
• Oslo Paris Convention (OSPAR) - The OSPAR Commission debated a resolution to suspend nuclear reprocessing at Sellafield.
• Trecwn - Pembrokeshire Anti Nuclear Alliance is calling for “no new nuclear sites in Wales”.
• Commemorative site at Greenham Common Peace Camp - Plans for a garden and sculpture continue.
• Greenham statue for the Assembly building? - Calls for a statue to commemorate the 1981 walk from Cardiff to Greenham Common.
• Anti-Nuke Protest at Dimona, Israel
• Remembering Henry - Commemorating Henry Richard, 19th Century Tregaron MP.
Page 12:
• Sanctions as a means of economic warfare Iraq - Dave Rolstone continues campaign to end economic sanctions in Iraq.
• Yugoslavia - NATO military intervention exacerbated tensions in Yugoslavia.
• WILPF at the National Assembly - Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom members visit the Assembly.
• Protests in Vieques and Scotland
• Peace women arrested (again) - Helen John, Anne Lee, and Angie Zelter have been arrested at Menworth Hill.
Page 13:
• Silencing the messengers: US Plowshares activists return to prison.
• Happy happy birthday Faslane Peace Camp!
• Peace flame for the Urdd - CND Cymru at the presentation of the “Flame of Peace” at the Urdd Esiteddfod.
Page 14:
• Diary Dates
• Join CND Cymru Postal Slip
• National Eisteddfod, Llanelli Events at the Peace Tent
• CND Cymru Contacts
• Heddwch contacts

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