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'Heddwch' is the supporter magazine for CND Cymru, the Welsh Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, published roughly quarterly from 1991 to the present day.


Page 1:
• ‘The walk goes on…’ - Cartoon

Page 2:
• Cardiff - Greenham August 1981: Common people acting with common sense - Ann Pettitt reflects on the Greenham Common march 20 years on.

Page 3:
• For life on earth - Jill Stallard commemorates the Greenham Common march.

Page 4:
• News round up:
• Deadly cargo off Welsh coasts - Shipments of nuclear waste from Switzerland to Britain.
• Chernobyl remembered - MEP Jill Evans speaks on the 15th anniversary of Chernobyl.
• Trecwn - A German company intends to buy Trecwn site.
• Powys withdraws from Nuclear Free Forum
• Submarines - the bad and the ugly - The British Navy will remove ‘hunter-killer’ submarines from service.
Page 5:
• The end of Dounreay as a nuclear plant - A contract to reprocess radioactive waste at Dounreay has been blocked.
• Firefighters tested for effects of DU - Concerns over members of the Fire Brigades Union being exposed to Depleted uranium.
• Cancer Cluster near Oldbury - New research shows leukaemia clusters near Oldbury nuclear power station.
• BNFL in Court over Hinkley - BNFL Magnox has been fined for discharging nuclear waste from Hinkley nuclear power station.
• Trawsfynydd - Concerns over BNFL plans for visits to Trawsfynydd plant.
• New Zealand ‘offenceless’ - New Zealand cuts back it’s navy and airforce.
• British Government to be taken to tribunal - The Irish Government will take the British Government to tribunal over plans to open the Sellafield reprocessing plant.

Page 6:
• National Missile Fraud - The FBI is investigating allegations of fraud in the National Missile Defense Program.
• Chevaline and Trident tracked - Nukewatch has been monitoring the transportation of nuclear warheads.
• New nuclear power stations? -BNFL looks to build new nuclear power station sites in Britain.
• Greenham Women walking for landmine clearance - Karmen Thomas and Ann Pettitt will trek the Namibian Desert to raise money for the Land Mines Advisory Group.

Page 7:
• Smart bombs and the death of smart sanctions - Britain and the US continue to attack Iraq with bombing missions and sanctions.

Page 8:
• Campaign updates:
• Continuous action in Scotland - Campaigns against Trident continue in Scotland.
• Wendy Lewis in Court - The Big Blockade protester is to appear in court in September.
• Church of Scotland supports ‘illegal’ non-violent protest - The Church of Scotland calls for more principled dissent against nuclear weapons.

Page 9:
• Star Wars Demonstration in London - CND held a ‘No to Star Wars’ protest in London.
• Aldermaston - Campaigners take part in action against the Aldermaston weapons factory.
• Wylfa wobbles - BNFL claim that Wylfa nuclear power station will be reopening soon.
• Kleine Brogel war crimes inspection - Activists carry out a ‘war crimes inspection’ at Kleine Brogel air base in Belgium.

Page 10:
• UNA Cymru: working to promote arms control and disarmament - The United Nations Association is running a Disarmament Programme.
• Nuclear waste protestor arrested at Barrow - Martin Forwood has been arrested whilst protesting against a shipment of German waste arriving at Sellafield.
• US groups sue US Navy - Peace and environmental organisation have filed a notice against the Naval Submarine Base in Bangor.
• Sorry! - Apologies to Socialist Labour Party Wales for not including them in the pre-election survey.

Page 11:
• Wading about at the Filton Hilton MoD Weapons Procurement Centre, Bristol - Campaigners raise awareness about the procurement for depleted uranium at Filton Abbey Wood.
• Mary Crofton (Mary-Troops-Out) of Newprt, Gwent - Obituary of Mary Crofton.

Page 12:
• Actions for peace at Welsh weapons factory - CND Cymru joins a vigil at the gates of the British Aerospace factory Glascoed.
• Sustainability down the drain on Mynydd Epynt - Burning of foot and mouth casualties takes place at Mynydd Epynt.

Page 13:
• Bridgend CND takes on the Council - Bridgend CND urges Bridgend Borough Council to reconsider U-turn on the Nuclear Free Local Authorities Forum.
• Thanks to Sarah Isaacs - Farewell to CND member Sarah Isaacs who is moving to Australia.

Page 14:
• Welsh MPs express grave doubts about US ‘Missile Defense’ - Write to your MP to ask for their support of the Early Day Motion no. 23.
• CND Cymru Contacts
• Diary Dates

Page 15:
• December 2001, justice not war! - Action information sheet.

Page 16:
• All Wales Anti-War Rally - Aberystwyth
• Act for peace and justice! - What can I do?

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