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'Heddwch' is the supporter magazine for CND Cymru, the Welsh Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, published roughly quarterly from 1991 to the present day.


Page 1:
• stop war! stop wars! - Cartoon.

Page 2:
• Stop War! Stop Wars! - Jill Evans discusses the anti-war demonstrations in London on the 15th February.

Page 3:
• Wales against War - Pictures from anti-war demonstrations around Wales.

Page 4:
• Wales’ Growing Anti War Movement - The peace movement in Wales is growing.
• A School Trip With A Difference - Pupils from Tregaron visited the tomb of Welsh peace campaigner, Henry Richard.

Page 5:
• Real-Life Computer Killing Games - A ‘Predator’ aeroplane has killed suspected Al Qaeda members in Yemen.

Page 6:
• Menwith Hill - Menwith Hill base is planned to be part of the National Missile Defense system.
• Lakenheath - Peace campers at Lakenheath aim to rid Britain of American nuclear weapons.
• Faslane Peace Camp - Faslane camper invites everyone to visit the Peace Camp.
• Fairford Peace Camp - Peace Activists have set up a peace camp at Fairford airbase in Gloucestershire.
• Shannon Airport - A Peace Camp has been set up at Shannon Airport in Ireland.

Page 7:
• Dust to Dust - New research on Depleted Uranium dangers.

Page 8:
• Aldermaston Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) Update
• Action for your MP! - Write to your MP and ask them to sign the United States Non-Compliance with The Chemical Weapons Convention.

Page 9:
• Nuclear Bombs from Nuclear Power - The nuclear states are not honouring the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.
• Nuclear Weapons Proliferation: have your say - Please write to the British Representative to the UN Conference on Disarmament.

Page 10:
• Trident Ploughshares Campaign: 2002 - Another sword-beating year.

Page 11:
• Trident at Bangor - Direct action held at the U.S Bangor Trident submarine base to honour Dr. Martin Luther Kind Day.
• Sanity in the USA - Jack Cohen- Joppa, a peace campaigner reflects on US foreign policy and free speech.

Page 12:
• National Missile Defense: the blindness of 20:20 vision - Menwith Hill is to be used as part of the US ‘Ballistic Missile Defense’ system.
• Greenham Common Embracing the Base - Commemorating 20 years since the ‘Embrace the Base’ action at Greenham Common.

Page 13:
• Public Inquiry into the Planning Application for Trawsfynydd Nuclear Power Station
• Philip Berrigan 1923-2002 - Obituary of anti-war activist Phil Berrigan.

Page 14:
• Sustainable Wales: Consult, confer, ignore? - The National Assembly for Wales is working to create a more sustainable Wales.
• The Case Against New Nuclear Reactors

Page 15:
• CND Cymru Contacts
• Lobbying Contacts
• The Doomsday Machine
• Volunteers Needed! - CND Cymru needs help at the Urdd Eisteddfod and Glastonbury Festival.
• Diary Dates

Page 16:
• Heddwch action information sheet spring 2003: Not In My Name!

Page 17:
• Peace tools - Contacts and Action Ideas.
• Groups & Contacts in Wales

Page 18:
• Attack Iraq? Say No! Take Action!
• Join the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament Cymru

Page 19:
• Heddwch Action - Attack Iraq?… No! - CND Cymru Winter 2002/2003

Page 20:
• Groups and Organisations in Wales Working to Stop the War
• Diary Dates
• Armchair and rural campaigning - Contact details for letter writing

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