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'Heddwch' is the supporter magazine for CND Cymru, the Welsh Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, published roughly quarterly from 1991 to the present day. Contents Page 1: • disarmament begins at home - Cartoon Page 2: • Only a Just Peace will Halt Terrorism - The end of the Iraq war brings worrying long-term implications. Page 3: • Moving on Peace - Peace and anti-war groups are spreading across Wales. • Bangor & Ynys Mon Peace and Justice Group: A Brave New World Page 4: • Bro Emlyn Peace and Justice Group - Meeting Iraqis and meeting students. • An ex-RAF Bomber muses on his school visits Page 5: • The Pembrokeshire Peace Initiative - Challenging the roots of war. • Women in Black Cardiff - Women who won’t stop. Page 6: • War and Peace Politics in the National Assembly - The National Assembly has failed to disassociate the people of Wales from the war. • CND Cymru Annual Meeting - The event was held in Aberystwyth on April 5th. • The UN and US: making the connection - Alison Williams talks about the US and UN relationship at a Public Meeting. Page 7: • The Plight of Iraqi Displaced People - The Liberation of Iraq is not so clear cut. • The Futility of War - Quotations from the ‘Resurgence’ magazine May/June 2003 edition. Page 8: • Conscientious Objectors: Support for Troublesome People - Celebrating International Conscientious Objectors’ Day on May 15th. • Low Flying: Welsh MP speaks out - Adam Price supports Welsh people subject to the practice of low flying military aircraft. Page 9: • Urdd Message of Peace and Goodwill 2003 • Very dirty business afoot in Aberystwyth - The Boeing Company visits the University of Wales in Aberystwyth. Page 10: • Direct Action - World-wide disobedience: • Canada: Homes not Bombs Respect for life • USA: Mothers’ Day at Bangor • England: USAF Fairford Hope and Resistance Page 11: • Ulla writes off a Tornado military jet - Peace activist is at court for damaging a Tornado aircraft in Scotland. • A Peace Volunteer Service for Wales? - Discussions underway for a civilian peace service. Page 12: • Trident Nuclear Weapons Base, Faslane: The Really Big Blockade • Welsh Trident Ploughshares Pledger in Court. Page 13: • Taxpayers spend £500,000 defending Trident nuclear weapons. • Urgent! Your Photographs Wanted • Membership Secretary Sought! • Another Greenham Woman in Cardiff - Unveiling of the Greenham March Commemorative Sculpture in City Hall, Cardiff. Page 14: • CND Cymru Contacts • Youth CND Cymru - Help establish a Youth CND Cymru! • Diary Dates

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