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'Heddwch' is the supporter magazine for CND Cymru, the Welsh Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, published roughly quarterly from 1991 to the present day. It started as ‘Campaign Wales’ from 1985, following CND Cymru’s establishment as an independent campaigning network from 1981.
Page 1.
- COVER: “If Wales could spend over £1 billion” headline and spread on the costs associated with the British Trident nuclear missile system against other services.
- “Welsh MPs keeping mum on Trident replacement” article on the ‘disappointing response’ of the different political parties to support spending £25 billion on the new generation of nuclear weapons.
- “STOP THE BOMBING!” appeal for action by CND Cymru and piece on a Cardiff peace vigil on the crisis in the Middle East.
Page 2.
- “TRIDENT” interview with Bruce Kent on some questions regarding the nuclear programme and its presence in other countries, the NPT, and stalling negotiations and political will.
- “What are Nuclear Weapons?” informative piece on the devastating effects of the atomic bomb.
- “Trident gets thumbs down from Bishops” article on a letter written to MPs written by 19 English Bishops.
- “UNISON votes for health” article.
- “Police Clamp Down on Anti-Trident Protest” article on Aldermaston.
Page 3.
- “Yes, we can do it!” opinion piece and appeal for action for the Faslane blockade on the Government’s replacement of Trident.
- “Council treads carefully” article on Ray Davies’ defence against a Council Standards Committee Charge by serving a jail sentence for refusing to pay fines following his direct actions for peace against the Iraq War in 2003.
Page 4.
- “Pitstop Ploughshares 5 ACQUITTED!” article on a Dublin jury unanimously acquitting five anti-Trident activists for damaging a plane at the Shannon Airport in February 2003.
- “World Military Expenditure Increases” article.
- “Fairford peace ‘disarmers’ - trial at Bristol Crown Court” article on two individuals entering the US Air Force Base and disabled military vehicles used for loading bombs and fuel onto US military planes. Appeal for support.
- “The Tragedy of Guantánamo” article on the ‘act of asymmetric warfare’ where three detainees took their own lives, followed by an inhumane and undiplomatic response by an official from the US State Department.
- “Spain says ‘adios’ to nuclear power” article on the Spanish President’s commitment to phase out nuclear energy during recent elections.
Page 5.
- “On the side of peace and justice” account by Emily Freeman on her trips with the International Solidarity Movement to Palestine and the terrible conditions faced by those living on the ground.
- “A Kaleidoscope of Cultures” book review of Robert Minhinnick’s “To Babel and Back” [Seren, 2005], reviewed by Martin Fitton.
Page 6.
- “Lessons from Chernobyl” reflective piece by Jill Evans of her experience of visiting the site of the nuclear disaster physically in April 2006.
- “Ynys Môn needs you!” information piece and appeal for action on the Anglesey’s nuclear power site operating beyond its recommended lifespan.
Page 7.
- “Marie Walks to Court” interview on Marie Walsh’s walk to the Abergavenny Court to be sentenced for withholding her taxes that will be used for military purposes.
- “Act to Keep Wales Nuclear-Free” article and appeal for action on the lapse of some Local Authorities’ membership to the Wales Nuclear Free Forum.
- “War: not Family Entertainment” article on the Wrexham Peace and Justice Forum’s work of informing young people on the effects of the Parliamentary Armed Forces Bill.
- “Greenham Celebration Picnic” piece and advertisement.
Page 8.
- “Diary Dates” events by sympathetic organisations working for peace and environmental and human justice in Wales.
- “Join the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament” advertisement to join and donate.
- “Wales Nurtures Hope” advertisement of the Social Forum Cymru.
- “Heddwch” column briefly introducing CND Cymru.
- “CONTACTS” for CND Cymru.
- “CND Cymru AGM” updates.
- “Signing for Peace and Hope” advertisement for an Aberystwyth campaigning choir.
Page 9.
- “NO MORE FALLUJAHS” poster and advertisement of a peace encampment opposite the Houses of Parliament marking the 2nd anniversary of the 4 November US/UK massacre.
Page 10.
- Continuation of the “NO MORE FALLUJAHS” poster and advertisement, with a form for sponsorships and guest speakers.

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