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'Heddwch' is the supporter magazine for CND Cymru, the Welsh Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, published roughly quarterly from 1991 to the present day. It started as ‘Campaign Wales’ from 1985, following CND Cymru’s establishment as an independent campaigning network from 1981.
Page 1.
- “Take 5 minutes out to Ban the Bomb” appeal to act against nuclear weapons as MPs are to vote on the contents of a Government White Paper that will ensure the legacy of a replacement to Trident.
- “See you in Cardiff!” advertisement of a protest by CND Cymru.
- “David Morris” commemoration.
- “CND Cymru Demonstration Stop Trident No Trident Replacement!” advertisements for Cardiff and London.
Page 2.
- “Questions and Answers about Replacing Trident” with useful addresses of key political officials.
- “Block the Builders return to Britain’s bomb factory” article.
Page 3.
- “Heddwch action” appeal for action to MPs and AMs to urge them to dissuade the government from its intention to update the Trident nuclear weapons system with a new version.
- “Five Minutes to Midnight” article pushed by CND for the British government to initiate international negotiations towards global nuclear disarmament as the minute hand of the metaphorical ‘Doomsday Clock’ moved closer to midnight.
- “Blair’s £25 billion legacy” letter dissuading the government from updating the Trident weapons system.
Page 4.
- “Bush occupation opposition grows in USA” article showing 70% of Americans oppose the Bush/Blair occupation of Iraq and potentially be investigated for impeachable offences.
- “Faslane jailed songbird waxes lyrical” account of arrests made at Faslane.
- “No News is Good News” poem by Mary Millington.
- “‘Nuclear weapons? No! Na! Non! Nein’ say the youth of Europe” article on the programme of educational events and workshops being held in Scotland from a growing anti-nuclear youth movement of Europe.
- “DRAWING PARADISE on the “AXIS OF EVIL” advertisement for an exhibition in Tenby.
Page 5.
- “Red Dragons and Daughters of Rebecca” reflective piece on the ongoing blockade at Faslane featuring interesting banners and pantomimes.
- “Faslane 365 message from Captain Ollie Cyboli”.
- “Faslane 365 Cards” advertisement.
- “MEP and AM arrested” article on the elected cross-party representatives being arrested at the Faslane Blockade in January 2007.
Page 6.
- “Diary Dates” events by sympathetic organisations working for peace and environmental and human justice in Wales.
- “A Welsh Return” advertisement for another Faslane365 blockade.
- “February 24th Demonstration STOP TRIDENT TROOPS OUT OF IRAQ” advertisement.
- “Heddwch” column briefly introducing CND Cymru.
- “CONTACTS” for CND Cymru.

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