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'Heddwch' is the supporter magazine for CND Cymru, the Welsh Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, published roughly quarterly from 1991 to the present day. It started as ‘Campaign Wales’ from 1985, following CND Cymru’s establishment as an independent campaigning network from 1981.


Page 1. COVER
- “Surprise, surprise” article on plans for the replacement of the British Trident nuclear weapons system, signalling a breach of international disarmament and non-proliferation treaties as work is already in progress at Aldermaston AWE.
- “Bigger than ever blockade” article highlighting the achievements by the Faslane 365.

Page 2.
- “Peace Mala news” piece on the International Award for Youth prizes and ceremony.
- “Peace cairn” article of the structure built in Mynydd Llanllwni near Gwernogle in Carmarthenshire.
- “No case to answer” article on five arrests made at the ‘No more Fallujahs’ action in October 2006.
- “A welcome in the hillsides, the vale and the bay for cluster bomb manufacturers?” article on the Global Day of Action against Cluster Bombs to highlight public concern about its problems and its impact on civilians while campaigners are calling on governments for a coordinated international effort towards a treaty to ban them.
- “Cluster Bombs: get them banned!” information piece.

Page 3.
- “St. Athan Military Training Academy” section.
- “Pulling Jobs out of a Hat” information piece on politicians favouring the ‘job creation’ project, while looking into the actual figures. Appeal for action to spread awareness of the campaign.
- “Background”.

Page 4.
- “Hibakusha at Faslane say ‘Never Again’” article highlighting a group of Japanese A-bomb survivors attending the Faslane 365 blockades.
- “From Wales to Scotland” piece with a cartoon and pictures of activists on the Faslane Big Blockade.
- “Wales’ greatest peacemaker” article.
- “Build Support in Parliament for new EDMs” appeal for action.
- “Web for peace” advertisement.

Page 5.
- “All aboard Peaceboat” piece on a cruise ship from Japan dedicated to furthering the cause of disarmament, peace and international understanding. Includes pictures and diagrams of the activities being done onboard represented by BANg (Ban All Nukes generation).
- “Peace Boat, Global University and BANg European Youth Network” leaflet and text.
- “Peace postcards” advertisement.
- “Help needed” advertisement for the Youth Appeal for Disarmament.

Page 6.
- “Hello and Farewell” article paying tribute to non-violent protest and celebrating the disarming of RAF Greenham Common.
- “Leaves on the same tree” piece of a silent vigil in Cardiff.
- “Campaign Against the Arms Trade Cardiff” piece.
- “Don’t Attack Iran!” petition.

Page 7.
- “All of human life” advertisement of the Wales peace Festival Caernarfon.
- “Reclaiming heaven and earth for peace” information piece on Bruce Gagnon touring Wales and highlighting the dangers of American military technology.
- “Europe against a new arms race” article of a delegation from the ‘Europe for Peace’ conference discussing opposition to the US plans to build new military installations in Europe.

Page 8.
- “Diary Dates” events by sympathetic organisations working for peace and environmental and human justice in Wales.
- “CND Cymru Petition” for No to Trident Replacement, Yes to a Nuclear Weapons Convention.
- “Do Something about Burma” piece on a French oil company and foreign investors propping up the military dictatorship.
- “Justice for the refugees of Iraq” advertisement of a new campaign.
- “Go International!” advertisement for CND Cymru.
- “A warmest welcome to Bryn Aeron Bruce Newman” commemoration.
- “Olwen’s birthday treat” piece on a special musical birthday party held in Aberystwyth.
- “Action!” section for issues listed on Page 4, particularly “EDM 72 Nuclear Weapons Convention” and “EDM 65 Parliament and Decisions over US Missile Defense”.
- “Heddwch” column briefly introducing CND Cymru.
- “CONTACTS” for CND Cymru.

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