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'Heddwch' is the supporter magazine for CND Cymru, the Welsh Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, published roughly quarterly from 1985 (following CND Cymru’s establishment as an independent campaigning network from 1981), to the present day.


Page 1:
• Foot in the door: Trident Non-Replacement - there’s still hope
• 12 months is a long time - Some of the anti-nuclear initiatives taken over the past year (continued on page 6).

Page 2:
• A Peace Institute for Wales - A Peace Institute for Wales would increase awareness of the impacts of military development.
• St Athan: Spend, Spend, Spend - Taxpayers’ money to underwrite morally bankrupt military ‘college’.

Page 3:
• Trident: not British, not independent - US companies now control two thirds of AWE Mangement Ltd.
• British and French Nuclear-armed Submarines Collide in Atlantic
• MoD defeated in freedom to protest cause - Byelaw to ban camping outside AWE Aldermaston has been rejected.
• Nuclear sub dismantling in Plymouth - Radioactive metal is being cut up at Devonport dockyard.

Page 4:
• Gaza - the world watches - Towns and cities around Wales react to the bombing of Gaza.

Page 5:
• Jill in Gaza - CND Chair Jill Evans travelled to Gaza in February.
• Highly Visible Visitors in Brussels - Czech protesters travelled to Brussels to demonstrate against US missile defence plans.
• Chain reaction for peace - Bridgend Town Councillor Suleiman Hawas finds a connection with the Libyan Embassy.

Page 6:
• 12 months is a long time (continued from page 1)
• Review: Freedom Rides - ‘Freedom Riders: 1961 and the Struggle for Racial Justice’.

Page 7:
• What’s up at Wylfa? - Proposed extension to operations at Wylfa nuclear power station.
• Nuclear power?- that’s Andy - ‘Stop Hinkley’ campaign group protested outside nuclear industry heads’ dinner at Buckingham Palace.
• Our Inspiring Cornish Cousins - U-turn by councillors over a storage site for radioactive waste in Cornwall.
• CND Cymru reaches out to the world - New updates to the CND Cymru website.

Page 8:
• Diary dates
• The Age of Stupid - New film at venues around Wales.
• Heddwch and CND Cymru contacts.

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