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'Heddwch' is the supporter magazine for CND Cymru, the Welsh Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, published roughly quarterly from 1985 (following CND Cymru’s establishment as an independent campaigning network from 1981), to the present day.


Page 1:
• Imagine all the people sharing all the world - Cartoon.

Page 2:
• Heddwch and CND Cymru Contacts
• ‘Churnalism’ vs Journalism Analysis - The British Defence Training Rationalisation Project at St Athan has been scrapped.
• Imagine (Cover picture)

Page 3:
• Strategy, Money And British Nuclear Weapons: Whose Defence, Whose Security? - The Trident Replacement Decision in brief.
• Trident Today
• Lobby your MP! - Ask your MP to sign the EDM 909 on Trident Replacement.

Page 4:
• St. Athan: Victory - by the financial back door - Government pulls the plug on proposed military training college at St Athan.

Page 5:
• ‘Defence’ and ‘Security’: What peace dividend? - The military industrial complex remains an obstacle to peace.
• Heddwch action - The Nuclear Information Service has produced a briefing about British/French nuclear collaboration.

Page 6:
• Pili Pala:
• Hot and Cold Plod - Police threaten CND’s monthly anti-Trident vigil.
• Dolls campaign for peace - ‘Peacenik Patty’ doll.
• Scottish Interior Decorations - Protesters paint Dumbarton Court.
• Happy Birthday you old darlings! - Nuclear Resister newspaper is 30 years old.
• Choose Peace - Peace Pledge Union postcards available.
• Par Toutatis!
• Firing Drones from Subs - Submarine missile compartments’ contracts issued.
• Academi Heddwch Cymru Wales Peace Institute - The petition continues.
• Housmans Peace Diary 2011 - Available now.

Page 7:
• Devonport Big Blockade: Uphold the Non Proliferation Treaty - work towards disarmament!

Page 8:
• Book Review: In defence of Preseli - The Battle of the Preseli by Hefin Wyn.
• Droning on in London - Fellowship of Reconciliation conference held in London.

Page 9:
• Slow train to Gorbelen - Protests against the CASTOR nuclear waste train.
• Remembering all victims of war - A wreath of red and white poppies was laid in Narbeth.
• Calling Carmathen!
• A Letter to the Prime Minister - An open letter to David Cameron

Page 10:
• Nuclear Power - Wylfa: What the Public Really Thinks - local people are concerned about radioactive waste
• Thirty Years of Nuclear Free Aspiration - Celebrating the 30th birthday of The Nuclear Free Local Authorities.

Page 11:
• Nuclear Power - Hinkley Point: Huhne gets the Hots - The Seven Estuary tidal scheme has been scrapped.
• Thanks Jim - Jim Duffy has stepped down as coordinator of Stop Hinkley.

Page 12:
• Obituary - Hugh Richards

Page 13:
• Exhibition: Peace on Earth? - Protest, Politics and the Christmas Card exhibition.

Page 14:
• Diary Dates
• Jeanne Crabb - Obituary.
• We Really Need You - Calling for support.

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