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'Heddwch' is the supporter magazine for CND Cymru, the Welsh Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, published roughly quarterly from 1985 (following CND Cymru’s establishment as an independent campaigning network from 1981), to the present day.
Page 1:
• …they said it was safe
Page 2:
• Newbridge and Libya: Rugby Club Ducks Gaddafi Link - Campaigners call on Newbridge Rugby Football Club to reconsider sponsorship by US arms company.
• Libya - stop the bombing
Page 3:
• Cut Trident not Jobs! A Cut to Call For - Billions spent on Trident could be used for public services.
• Heddwch action - Write to your MP about scrapping Trident.
Page 4:
• Pili Pala:
• Turning Appreciation into Support - Help provide support to Helen Woodson after her release from prison.
• As at Aldermaston so at Albuquerque - Business as usual for nuclear weapons testing.
• Hiroshima and Nagasaki - Never Again - Gensuikyo launches petition in support of the Appeal for a Total ban on Nuclear Weapons.
• Romania and NMD - Medvedev warms US Missile Defense threatens US-Russian relations.
• Bravehearts - Trident Ploughshares and Faslane Peace Camp activists have been arrested for blockading Faslane.
Page 5:
• Pili Pala:
• Aberporth: a waste - Following the pull out of an Italian UAV company, much of Park Aberporth remains unused.
• Hunger Strike Jeju Island - Professor Yang Yoon-Mo has been on hunger strike in jail.
• Epynt Pilgrimage - Cymdeithas y Cymod will be making a pilgrimage to Mynydd Epynt on 25th June.
• Open University - The Open University is promoting a course on ‘Contemporary Wales’.
Page 6:
• Militarisation of Wales: the Right Two Speak - A look at the opinions of prospective Welsh Conservative Party leaders’ Andrew R T Davies and Nick Ramsay.
• Rebellious Media - Radical Media Conference will be held 8-9 October in London.
• ‘Radiating Posters’ - Photo.
Page 7:
• Greenham Common: The Power of Non-Violence - Remembering the march from Greenham to Cardiff, thirty years ago on the 5th September 1981.
Page 8:
• Chernobyl: 25 years of radioactive fallout - Remembering the disaster at Fukushima in 1986 and calling for a Nuclear Free Wales.
Page 9:
• Nuclear Power: Stop it at Hinkley! - Come and help us non-violently blockade Hinkley Point nuclear station on the 3 October 2011.
• 25 years of radioactive fallout (cont’d).
• German Nuclear Company Shareholders hear ‘No Wylfa’ Message - A resounding message of opposition from the people of Môn and Gwynedd to a new nuclear plant at Wylfa.
• Here we go - King’s Cliffe in Cambridgeshire will be accepting radioactive waste from decommissioning nuclear power stations.
Page 10:
• Wikileaks: Bradley Manning and Welsh Action - Campaign to end the torture of Bradley Manning achieves success.
• Wrexham: Keeping on Keeping on in Wrexham - Wrexham Peace and Justice Forum latest actions.
Page 11:
• Campaigning: Ray of Justice - Ray Davies has won damages for injuries sustained during an attack by the Metropolitan Police.
• Passion Action and Support. We need you!- Join CND Cymru.
Page 12:
• Campaigning: Wales and the Palestine Connection Boycott campaign
Page 13:
• Review: More than Poetry - More than Peace - ‘The Story of Waldo Williams - Poet of Peace’ by Alan Llwyd.
Page 14:
• Review: Will Your Children Inherit the Earth? - ‘Radiating Posters’ by Dirk Bannick.
• Film: Countdown to Zero
Page 15:
• Diary Dates
• Are We? - Poem by Anthony Tinsley.

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