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'Heddwch' is the supporter magazine for CND Cymru, the Welsh Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, published roughly quarterly from 1985 (following CND Cymru’s establishment as an independent campaigning network from 1981), to the present day.


Page 1:
• Hands Up to Ban the Bomb! - Cartoon

Page 2:
• Heddwch and CND Cymru contacts
• Trident: ‘Yes to Independence - No to Nuclear Weapons! - Scotland will likely become nuclear free if Scotland votes for independence.

Page 3:
• Wales - Scotland - the World - Nuclear disarmament campaigning in Scotland and Wales.
• Yes, there is an Alternative - The Liberal Democrats have published their ‘Alternatives to Trident’ review.

Page 4:
• Trident in the news: Blix - Hans Blix calls for Britain to relinquish its Trident nuclear programme at Hay Literary Festival.
• Faslane - is it in Scotland or not? - The Scottish Institute suggests the Clyde would remain sovereign territory in the event of Scottish independence.
• A richer, safer Britain - Former Labout chief whip Nick Brown writes against Trident.
• One-sided Nuclear Disarmament - Hugh Beach argues for renouncing nuclear weapons.
• Calls for Labour Party Trident debate
• Bradley Manning: Honesty - WISE - Support across Britain for Wikileaks whistleblower Bradley Manning.

Page 5:
• News Round Up - Wales:
• World War One - David Cameron’s plans for marking the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War are misconceived.
• Cymru dros Heddwch/Wales for Peace - The WCIA is leading a consortium to develop a major peace project.
• Academi Heddwch Cymru/Wales Peace Institute - Work on the Wales Peace Institute project continued at a meeting in Llandudno on June 8th.
• Songs not Bombs! - CND Cymru took part in this years Street Choirs Festival with the theme ‘Peace’.

Page 6:
• News Round Up - Wales:
• Aldermaston - Choirs join Action AWE protest.
• Solidarity with Hunger Strikers - Genny Bove stands with the current Guantánamo hunger strikers in Wrexham.
• Drone Campaign Network Cymru/Rhwydwaith Ymgyrch Dronau Cymru - New umbrella organisation co-ordinating anti drone activities in Wales.
• May Day in Cardiff - Côr Cochion Caerdydd at International Workers Day/May Day in Cardiff.
• Military Low-Level Flying - MP John Edwards expresses concern over low-flying military aircraft in Wales.

Page 7:
• Eating For Peace: Nourishment and Solidarity - Food Not Bombs is giving away free meals in Cardiff to protest the money used for war rather than feeding people.
• Peace Shop Birthday Party - The 3oth Anniversary reunion of The Peace Shop took place in May.

Page 8:
• News Round Up - Britain:
• Test Veterans Win at Last - A judge has riuled that military personnel were injured by radiation in the 1950s and 60s.
• Dear Pope Francis - Bruce Kent has written to the Pope asking him to condemn nuclear weapons.
• Sub Berth Ban - Exercises to test nuclear emergency planning arrangements have failed on board a nuclear powered submarine.
• Faslane Peace Camp - 31st anniversary celebrations of Faslane have brought new developments to the camp.
• Drunken nuclear police - Civil Nuclear Constabulary offices have been accused of sexual assault and using drink and drugs.
• Nuclear Fines - Sellafield Ltd. Has been fined £700,000 for sending radioactive waste to a landfill site.
• Human Failings - Released papers show weaknesses in nuclear emergency planning in Scotland.

Page 9:
• Nuclear Power: The Silly Season that Never Seems to End - Negotiations at Hinkley Point drag on and plans to extend the life of Wylfa A.
• The thin end of a toxic wedge - Plans to store and treat radioactive waste at Hinkley Point have been revealed.
• Running to catch up - Energy Ed Davey suggests a long wait for Hinkley Point.

Page 10:
• News Round Up - World:
• Plowshares activists arrested - Plowshares activists have been found guilty of causing damage while breaking in at Oak Ridge in the US.
• A Nuclear Response to Cyber Attacks - US Officials would consider responding to cyber attacks with nuclear retaliation.
• Nuclear Bomber Nonsense - US Air Force general suggests flyovers of the Korean Peninsula demonstrates the value of nuclear deterrance.
• Nuclear Abolition Week - International Campaign Against Nuclear Weapons organised an anti-nuclear week around the world in July.
• World nuclear forces - Nuclear warhead figures for the nine nuclear states.
• Jeju News - Protests against the proposed US naval base on Jeju Island continue.

Page 11:
• Reviews:
• Nurturing the Future - ‘Sowing Seeds: The Militarisation of Youth and How to Counter it’.
• An Enlightening Lens - ‘Anti-militarism Political and Gender Dynamics of Peace Movements’.
• Three Booklets from Ireland - Pamphlets available from the Peace and Neutrality Alliance.

Page 12:
• Diary Dates
• Pat Allen - Obituary.
• Get Yourself Heard - Book CND Cymru’s portable public address system.
• Briefings
• Addresses

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