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'Heddwch' is the supporter magazine for CND Cymru, the Welsh Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, published roughly quarterly from 1991 to the present day.
Page 1:
• “I can’t stand pushy, overarmed bullies!”- Cartoon.
Page 2:
• The Function of Iraq in International Affairs by Milan Rai
Page 3:
• Welsh protests against the bombing of Iraq
• Trident and Iraq- British government guarantee not to use nuclear weapons against a non-nuclear country does not apply to Iraq.
• Happy 17th Birthday Nuclear Free Wales!- Celebrating 17 years since Wales become the first country declared a nuclear free zone.
Page 4:
• Campaigning- Bold steps for peace: dancing a tarantella from the doors of the Hague Peace Conference- Looking forward to the millennium and the “Bold Steps for Peace” campaign.
• End of the road for THORP?- The German Government will stop sending nuclear fuel to the Thermal Oxide Reprocessing Plant in Cumbria.
• Fun and games on Trawsfynydd Lake? No thanks!- Permission has been given for the building of a landing stage on Trawsfynydd Lake for pleasure boat trips.
• Campaigning within the Labour Party- CND has been lobbying for scrapping Trident during the first stage of the National Policy Forum.
Page 5:
• School of the Americas Protests- Over 2000 people protest against the School of Americas at the US army base at Fort Benning in Georgia.
• Every letter offers Mordechai hope - Some facts about Mordechai Vanunu.
Page 6:
• Trident Ploughshares (TP) 2000- A brief summary of the TP 2000 campaign.
• Protecting our rights to life & peace - and embarrassing the authorities at Barrow- The Aldermaston Women’s Peace Camp board the fourth Trident Submarine to protest.
• To Scotland with Vengeance- Opportunities for anti-Trident campaigning in the run up to the Scottish elections.
• Women-Friendly Place- Advert for residential/social space for women.
Page 7:
• Campaigning for Nuclear Disarmament in 1999- British CND Conference affirms our campaigning commitments.
• A challenge to NATO nuclear policy by Germany and Canada- The German Government advocates for a new nuclear doctrine and a no-first-use policy.
• The ‘New Agenda Coalition’ Resolution in the UN General Assembly December 1998- The UN General Assembly votes in favour of the resolution despite the British Government voting against.
• The Voice of Experience- Field Marshall Sir William Robertson speaking at Colwyn Bay, November 10th 1929.
Page 8:
• Lethal depleted uranium - in Iraq, Llanishen and Kirkcudbrightshire
• An Uprooted Community: A History of Epynt by Herbet Hughes (Gomer Press)- Book review.
Page 9:
• Pick up a Pen…- Lobby Cymru needs CND Cymru members to write to their MPs in support of nuclear disarmament.
• Trawfynydd Decommissioning - Public Inquiry - Heddwch urges readers to call for the widest possible terms of reference for the inquiry into BNFL plans to delay dismantling Trawsfynydd reactors.
Page 10:
• Greenham Woman in Court - Jean Hutchinson is charged with damaging MoD property at AWE, Aldermaston.
• Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp 1981-2000 - Celebrating the Struggle for a Nuclear Free World Greenham Millennium Initiative Poster
• Greenham Common March Memorial, Cardiff - Meeting will be held to discuss installing a memorial commemorating the march from Cardiff to Greenham Common.
• Tunnel vision at Trecwn - Pembrokeshire Anti Nuclear Alliance continue campaigning to prevent nuclear waste being stored in Pembrokeshire.
Page 11:
• Wales to extend links with the Western Sahara - Children from the Western Saharan refugee camps to visit Wales.
• This is not the end of The Peace Shop Ltd.! - The Peace Shop Ltd. in Cardiff has closed but new office opened at The Temple of Peace.
Page 12:
• New Year nuclear disaster narrowly avoided at Hunterston B
• Plutonium: just 700 miles above the earth at 42,000mph - The European Space Agency calls emergency meetings over fears that plutonium-carrying space probe may fall to earth.
• It’s official: Mururoa and Fantagufa are contaminated - Plutonium left in lagoon sediments of Muroroa and Fantagufa atolls in the South Pacific.
• The World Medical Association condemns nuclear weapons
• British people pay £40 million for Trident parts to save US jobs
• Chernobyl: book your holiday now! - A tourist agency is promoting tours of Chernobyl.
Page 13:
• A new Chernobyl - paid for by the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development - Anti-nuclear groups protests a proposal by the EBRD to provide a loan for two new nuclear plants in Ukraine.
• Alexander Nikitin - anti nuclear whistleblower - Russian authorities charge Alexander Nikitin with high treason for anti-nuclear report.
• Subcritical US nuclear tests - US continue programme of subcritical nuclear weapons tests.
• Brawdy was a nuclear target… what do you know? - Released papers show Brawdy in Pembrokeshire was a potential target for the Soviet Union.
• MOX on armed BNFL ships in the Irish Sea - Mixed Oxide nuclear fuel confirmed to be on ships sailing in the Irish Sea.
• “Off the record” compensation for nuclear workers - 75 British nuclear workers awarded over £3million for diseases linked to radiation.
• Hereditary cancer link found - Scientists have found evidence that exposure to radiation can increase cancer risk.
Page 14:
• Dates - Important dates for the coming months.
• Peace Camps - Dates and contacts.
• CND Cymru Contacts
• Postal Slip to join CND Cymru
• Heddwch - Contacts.

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