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'Heddwch' is the supporter magazine for CND Cymru, the Welsh Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, published roughly quarterly from 1991 to the present day.
Page 1: Cartoon.
Page 2:
• The National Assembly - a chance for peace and justice? - CND Cymru hopes that the National Assembly will endorse the Nuclear Free Wales vision.
Page 3:
• Trident News:
- Trident Ploughshares Arrests reach 200 mark
- Swedish Ploughshares activists go to court
- Church of Scotland urges government to scrap Trident
- Trident sails on election day
- Peace Prize winner accepts gift from CND Cymru
Page 4-5:
• Tragedy: NATO’s Mistakes - Professor Ken Booth discusses Kosovo and the failures of NATO.
Page 6:
• Demonstrating for peace, non-violence and co-operation - CND Cymru has been organising and supporting demonstrations throughout Wales in opposition to the bombing of Yugoslavia.
• The Legacy of the violent conflict in the Balkans - The environmental costs of NATOs bombing campaign in Yugoslavia.
Page 7:
• The Urdd Gobaith Cymru Message of Peace and Goodwill
• US hopes to use Russia as an international nuclear waste dump
• Supporting grassroots community building in the Balkans
• Please write to Mordechai Vanunu! - Wales has been asked to encourage writing letters to Mordechai Vanunu in July and August.
Page 8:
• NATO’s plans for Europe - NATO plans for a nuclear-capable European Union.
• The Peace Pagoda at Comiso in Sicily - The Buddhist community in Sicily welcomes supporters from Wales to visit the Peace Pagoda.
• Hopeful humanity at the Hague Peace Conference 1999 - How can we replace the law of force with force of law?
Page 9:
• House of Lords wants volunteers to accept ‘safe’ radioactive waste disposal - Policy recommendations from the House of Lords Select Committee Report on Radioactive Waste.
• Nuclear Disarmament - dead in the water? - NATO’s new strategic concept presents another obstacle to the international nuclear disarmament process.
Page 10:
• Nuclear ship fire off the coast of Wales: spreading the pestilence - Engine room fire aboard ship carrying nuclear waste from Liverpool to Spain.
• Peace Education - Advert for an educationalist to promote Peace Education in Wales.
• National Secretary - Advert for help carrying out National Secretary duties.
• Will the MoD own up to the cost of the arms trade? - The Defence Select Committee invites the MoD to provide a costs and benefits assessment of defence exports.
• The NSPCC and the arms trade - The NSPCC claims they are not investing in the arms trade.
• Poetry Wales - “Poetry and War” can be purchased from Poetry Wales Press Ltd.
Page 11:
• Storing up Trouble at Trawsfynydd - CND Cymru and other NGOs attended a meeting on June 8th in Bangor to discuss the Trawsfynydd ‘safestore’ public inquiry.
• Cruising on Trawsfynydd Lake - you’ve seen the lake, now read the leaflet
Page 12:
• Iraq: sanctions as weapons of mass destruction - Andrea Needham writes about her visit to Iraq as part of a Voices in the Wilderness delegation.
• Postal Sanction Breaking in Narbeth - Dave Rolestone breaks postal sanctions by sending medicines to Iraq in Efailwen, Carmarthenshire.
Page 13:
• Jean Hutchinson’s Court Appeal - Jean Hutchinson of Brynaman and Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp appeals against a ‘guilty’ verdict for cutting the fence at AWE, Aldermaston.
• Hibakusha and Japanese peace campaigners bring their optimism to Wales - CND Cymru hosts Japanese nuclear bomb survivors and campaigners in South Wales.
Page 14:
• Diary Dates - Important dates in the coming months.
• Postal Slip to join CND Cymru
• CND Cymru Contacts

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