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'Heddwch' is the supporter magazine for CND Cymru, the Welsh Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, published roughly quarterly from 1991 to the present day.
Page 1:
• From a Culture of War and Violence Towards a Culture of Peace and Non violence? - Cartoon.
Page 2:
• Editorial - ‘Culture of Peace and Non-Violence’ will be the theme for 2000.
• Trident Ploughshares 2000 Justice at Greenrock! - Trident Ploughshares campaigners in the Greenrock trial are acquitted.
• Open Season on Trident - Greenrock trial outcome is encouragement for Trident Ploughsharers.
Page 3:
• Peace Jam in Japan - A visit to Japan for the 1999 Hiroshima/Nagasaki commemoration .
• Peaton Wood - A poem for Ellen Moxley by David Mackenzie 1999.
Page 4:
• The Culture of Peace! - The UN declares the year 2000 to be an International Year for the Culture of Peace.
Page 5:
• Nuclear testing: the US behaves like a “rogue state” - The US Senate has refused to ratify the Comprehensive Test ban Treaty.
• George M.L.I Davies 1880-1949 “perfect saint in a hellish world” - Commemorating one of the greatest Welsh men of the twentieth century.
• “The Best of Cor Cochion” - Cor Cochion Caerdydd CD available from B. Smith.
Page 6:
• Campaigning updates:
- Hiroshima and Nagasaki: never again - This August, events were organised around the world to commemorate the victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
- August 6th in Roath Park - Ray Davies’ account of Hiroshima Day.
- Wales & East Timor: the bloody connection - Protesters gather at RAF Valley in response to the mass slaughter in East Timor.
- Trecwn - nuclear waste dump? - The National Assembly for Wales opposes proposal to store nuclear waste at Trecwn in Pembrokeshire.
Page 7:
• Nuclear cargoes in the Irish Sea - Teifi-Preseli CND lobbies for the banning of nuclear cargoes in the Irish Sea.
• Trawsfynydd - public affairs must be conducted in public - New regulations to make nuclear commissioning public may be abused by BNFL Magnox.
• Helen John: painter and decorator extraordinaire - Helen John is released on bail after five weeks on remand in Holloway Prison.
• Aldermaston - public consultation - The first public consultation has been held on radioactive waste from the Atomic Weapons Establishment in Aldermaston.
• British CND conference 1999 - A list of resolutions passed at September’s conference.
Page 8:
• The National Eisteddfod: a week of peace on Ynys Mon - CND participate in a week of events at the the National Eisteddfod.
• CND Cymru Annual Meeting1999 - The annual meeting was held in September in Llandridod.
• Campaigners picket arms fair - Anti-arms activists protest outside the Defence Systems Equipment International 99 show.
• Swedish ploughshares bread not bombs trial - Ploughshares activists returned for retrial in Preston.
Page 9:
• Embracing life: a commemorative site at Greenham - Planning permission granted to develop a commemorative site at the Women’s Peace Camp land.
• Remembering Helen at Greenham - Commemorating the 10th anniversary of the death of Helen Wynne Thomas.
• CND Cymru Christmas Sale - Cards and posters available.
Page 10
• News round-up:
• Something nasty in the sea: Canada - The Canadian navy admitted it left 6 tonnes of uranium on the seabed.
• Scotland - The military admitted losing 1,7000 bombs in Luce Bay.
• Tokaimura: creda quia impossible - The worst nuclear accident since Chernobyl took place at Tokaimura.
• Derby the dangerous Rolls Royce donkey - Same nuclear process as Tokaimura takes place at the Rolls Royce plant in Derby.
• Double double toil and trouble at Hanford - Nuclear blob has arisen in a radioactive waste storage tank at Hanford Nuclear Reservation.
• China - new intercontinental ballistic missiles - Laboratory simulation of a test launch is successful.
Page 11:
• Yugoslavia - lift the sanctions! - The Committee for Peace in the Balkans calls for sanctions to be lifted.
• Chernobyl - spreading in time and space - New deaths in Germany reported as being linked to Chernobyl disaster.
• Trident: bigger and better? - Evidence that Britain is designing new warheads for Trident.
• The Cassini Space Mission - Cassini spacecraft carrying plutonium flew by the Earth on August 18th 1999.
• A chilling reminder - A Spanish trawler caught its net in a Russian submarine carrying nuclear weapons.
• Sellafield workers “save time” - Some workers at Sellafield plant have been by-passing quality-control checks.
Page 12:
• Y2K: the millennium bugbear - Risks surrounding Y2K and the possible malfunctioning of nuclear weapons systems.
• Pudding and pie: NATO and Europe - Europe and NATO are not working towards peace but preparing for war.
• CND spills the beans on Aldermaston - CND publishes documents showing catalogue of disasters at Aldermaston and Burghfield.
• Iraq rebels to be trained in US - Iraqi rebels invited to US Air Force training course.
Page 13:
• Welsh sanctions-breakers risk prison by taking ‘Mark Thomas’ teddy bear to Iraq - CND Cymru members and Voices in the Wildness make a sanctions-breaking trip to Iraq to take medicines and equipment.
Page 14:
• Diary Dates
• Wales - working for Peace and Justice for All! - Poster.
• Join CND Cymru Postal Slip
• CND Cymru Contacts
• Heddwch Contacts

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