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'Heddwch' is the supporter magazine for CND Cymru, the Welsh Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, published roughly quarterly from 1991 to the present day. It started as ‘Campaign Wales’ from 1985, following CND Cymru’s establishment as an independent campaigning network from 1981.
Page 1. COVER
- “We must stop them” headlining piece reflecting on the horrors of the US bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 with fears of a repeat ‘holocausts’ by the British and US Governments.
Page 2.
- “Heddwch” column briefly introducing CND Cymru.
- “Killing machines - made and tested in Wales?” article on the MOD’s tendering of the ‘Watchkeeper’ Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Programme, where Aberporth on the Cardigan Bay coast was identified as a potential test range for the companies competing for the contract.
- “Comment: Where there is no vision the people perish” opinion piece on the misinformation around the honesty of the presence of WMD in Iraq and the drive to war.
Page 3.
- “Beaumaris Castle Besieged!” information piece on a group of peace protests barricading themselves to declare the Menai Strait area to be a demilitarised zone, calling for peace and an end to government lies. Includes statements from members from the local community and students at the University of Wales in Bangor.
- “Voices from the street: A dove from the Urdd Eisteddfod”.
Page 4.
- “Britain’s weapons of terror // The blindness of fear” information piece on the potential of a nuclear holocaust despite promises by the US, Britain and Russia to cut their nuclear arsenals. Appeals for a “Big Blockade” sit-down at the Faslane Naval base near Glasgow.
Page 5.
- “On the streets of Oswestry” article on the Oswestry Coalition for Peace.
- “Welsh peace activist in Iraq” article of Helen Williams from Newport who has participated in a work centre since November 2003 to help the growing number of street children and other young, homeless people.
- “Held to Account!” article of two delegates attending the 4th Asian-Europe Meeting Youth Dialogue on Sustainable Development discussing issues on climate change, biodiversity, education for sustainable living and corporate accountability.
Page 6.
- “Low-level radiation // Fighting the fallout from bad science” information piece on the true dangers of radioactive pollution, focusing on ‘nuclear laundry’, contamination not just affecting coastal areas, Cancer Recycling Centres and addressing concerns around the issue.
Page 7.
- Album Review of David Rovics’ “Songs of Social Significance”, reviewed by Lotte Reimer.
- “International Peace Bureau Conference calls for Iraq Independence” article.
- “US military and intelligence bases in Britain” briefing on a worldwide network providing the US with a global platform for warfare and espionage.
- “Guantanamo Human Rights Appeal”.
Page 8.
- “Bush’s space policy - Why you should be worried” article on US President George W. Bush’s vision for US Space Exploration, with the potential concerns around nuclear power in space, the maintenance of US military advantage and claiming ownership of the Moon’s resources.
Page 9.
- “Women’s Peace Camp 2004” article on the Menwith Hill Spy base near Harrogate, which is the largest electronic monitoring station run by the US’s National Security Agency and appeals to support the Menwith Hill Women's Peace Campaign.
- “Welsh Campaigners for Independence from America” article on a demonstration at the Menwith Hill USAF Base on the concerns of undermining European jobs and businesses by selling European trade secrets to US companies.
Page 10.
- “Showing some respect at Bangor (USA)” article on the 14 arrests made at the US Bangor Trident submarine base during nonviolent direct action in honour of Mother’s Day.
- “Calculating Disaster” information piece on the operational risks of a US Trident submarine.
Page 11.
- “What is an Early Day Motion?” information piece and appeal to one’s MP to ask the government to take a position on a matter of policy, practice or procedure. Appeals to campaigns and resolutions to be submitted for different dates in 2004.
Page 12.
- “All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten Bush’s dirty hand” article on the march on Dromoland Castle in West Ireland where Bush was meeting with EU leaders to show opposition to US policy in Iraq and Ireland’s decision to host Bush in the first place.
Page 13.
- “Diego Garcia” information piece of the largest island of the British Indian Ocean Territory which was handed over to the US in 1966 as a site of naval communications and support facility and airbase. Includes stories on new immigration laws for local Chagossians and a torture scandal breaking the Geneva Convention.
Page 14.
- “AWE Aldermaston gets go-ahead for new laser” article on the Government’s plans to construct a massive laser facility at the nuclear weapon plant in Berkshire and associated controversies. Appeals for action to launch the “Block the Builders” pledge with the Aldermaston Women’s Peace Campaign.
- “Hate military low flying?” advertisement and appeal for action.
Page 15.
- “Hazards of the deep” section.
- “Changes to Llyn Trawsfynydd” article on a survey of the distribution of Radioactivity in the warts of the lake, contaminated with radionuclides deposited in the lake from a nuclear power station.
- “No new nuclear submarines” article on publically acceptable means of fully decommissioning the ‘laid-up’ nuclear submarines in Britain, with recommendations from the final report made by the Lancaster University in May 2004.
Page 16.
- “‘The dirty thirty’ in trouble” article on the European Commission’s desire to take the British Government to court for failing to fully account for its nuclear material.
- “FOUND! Weapons of mass destruction” poster by CND Cymru on the number of nuclear weapons in selected countries.
- “Vanunu - not so free… yet” article on the restrictions faced by the nuclear whistleblower with appeals to contact the Campaign to Free Vanunu and for a Nuclear Free Middle East.
- “JOIN CND CYMRU TODAY!!” form to join and donate.
Page 17.
- “Peace Tax Seven” information piece on how 7-10% of taxes are spent on military expenses, going into the history of the resistance to implementing it, the legal argument and statements from various stakeholders.
Page 18.
- “Diary Dates” events by sympathetic organisations working for peace and environmental and human justice in Wales.
- “New Membership Secretary for CND Cymru” article on the 2004 Annual Meeting.
- “CONTACTS” for CND Cymru.

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