WARNING - the last 5 images contain graphic content, which some viewers may find distressing. Please consider this before viewing. These images have been indicated with a warning sign beforehand.In August 1987 a leatherback turtle washed up at South Haven, on Skomer Island.Piers Langhelt, who was the Senior Conservation Officer in the Department of Biodiversity and Systematic Biology National Museum of Wales, and Peter Morgan, Keeper of Collections in Department of Biodiversity and Systematic Biology, National Museum of Wales, attended to recover the Leatherback in question.Here we present various photos taken by Piers Langhelt during the recovery of the Leatherback turtle at South Haven Beach.These photos accompany notes provided by Piers, detailing the incident. For full details please see:For further accounts of the Leatherback Turtle on South Haven, 1987, please see: of images: 1) Piers Langhelt working on the Leatherback turtle on South Haven Beach. 2) On location at South Haven Beach. 3-4) Photos of adjacent Bays on Skomer Island, one showing seals on the Beach. 5) Finished display on loan to Skomer Island. 6) Underside, also known as the plastron, of the Leatherback during dissection. 7) Side view of the Leatherback, showing poor state of the body and head. 8-9) Side and front view respectively, of the Leatherback, showing nearly all of the leathery skin being rubbed off. This reveals the poor state of the specimen. 10) Inside of the Leatherback’s mouth, showing the villi. Note this is taken during the dissection.Copyright: The photos are covered by copyright from The National Museum Wales, whom P. Langhelt worked for at the time. Permissions have been acquired for use of these photos as part of the Living Seas Wales Project.

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