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Andrew Evans is a local to New Quay, and has lived here for much of his life. He first began working on trip boats at the age of 16 and, in 2017, began working as a Skipper for SeaMôr Dolphin Watching Boat Trips. Andrew also has a history of fishing. He spoke to one of our Living Seas Team about the changes he’s seen relating to Porbeagle shark sightings.

“20 or 25 years ago there used to be lots of Porbeagle sharks.

When the angling boats used to take out decent anglers, they would sometimes go looking for sharks. Sometimes we would catch them on a wreck called Whirlwind, other times we would anchor off several miles from shore and start chumming the water to make an oily slick and entice the sharks in.

But then the mackerel patterns changed, and you don't seem to see any Porbeagle any more.

Of course, they may still come, but nobody tries to catch them. Shark fishing (angling) has fallen out of favour, so it’s hard to know if there are still sharks around like there used to be.”

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