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Steve Hartley is the founder of Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre, New Quay. He now runs Dolphin Survey Boat Trips, however previously fished the waters of Cardigan Bay.

A member of our Living Seas Team sat down with Steve, to discuss his memories of life in the Bay. Here, he discusses the changes he has seen since the 1980's in the bottlenose dolphins of Cardigan Bay.

Recollection as follows:

"You don’t seem to see the…a lot of the experiences I had then, don’t seem to happen now.

I don’t know…I always get the feeling the animals are hungrier, they’re more harassed – life isn’t as good for them out there as it was 30/40 years ago. They’re massively intelligent, social animals, and they’re not having 'as-good-a-time' as they were. Life isn’t as good for them as it was. It’s noisier, it’s probably dirtier – but certainly noisier.

I just definitely get a different vibe off them these days…which is hard to explain scientifically…but I’m sure of it. The animals I was looking at, they’d stop and snack on huge shoals of mackerel if they wanted, or herring – not so much herring…though it was still around then – but huge shoals of mackerel, bass…the seabed was much richer."

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