• Page 5 of notebook belonging to Margaret (Morris) Simcox James, Dowlais, 1863

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Translation (p.5a):
When anyone is Bitten
by a mad / fierce / rabid dog [Ci cynddeiriog),
of Turpentine
is a safe medicine,
although whoever [sawl]
has been bitten must
take only little
drops - - of the
Turpentine in
brown sugar for
several days.
And the essence / concoction is so good
for snakebites – as proved by
themselves in
America – many
times – this is
the truth

Transcription (p.5b):
The Earth is 25.000 \miles roun\d//
The Centre is 8.000 milse [sic]
the sun from the Earth is
about 95.000.000, of milse
Its [sic] moves in the rate of 20 milse a second;

Translation (p.5c):
For Jesus Christ and his mortal wound
Let thousands more resound.
And let every living creature say
That worthy is the Lamb.
I only have your great might,
To strengthen me to carry on:
Your Salvation
Is my strength:
My conquest and my song
Blessed are those whose guilt you’ve absolved
Their sins and their falsehood/lies
Through giving them strength for the sake of
Flesh and the world to
To last right to the end of life / eternally

Life of the dead, come amongst us
And through your spirit blow on us;
Breathe your strength on the glen/valley,
So that these bones will live.

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