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Translation (p.9b):
NOTE: Image 9b should come before image 8a which is a continuation of 9b.
Every year are destroyed / ruined / spoilt around
72 million bushels of barley
and other grains.
This quantity would make enough flour
to produce 170 loaves
of 4lbs each, for each
family annually in the United Kingdom
[gyfun] If these loaves were to be used
as floor-slates, they would be
enough to pave a road
of 10 yards wide and 1,800
miles long! If that bread were baked
in one oven
and 5,000 loaves were
Made each day, It would take
690 years before they could
all be baked!! Isn’t this
a waste on the staff of life
which is bread; millions of
pounds are spent/squandered every year for

[Ctd in image 8a]

Translation (p.8a):
NOTE: Image 9b should be in this position, before image 8a which is a continuation of 9b.
Wheat and flour (white) and
overseas countries, after
this waste. [scribbles]
[new item]
To disestablish the Church
That is the language to disestablish
the Church; they are raising their voices
swaggering, prattling, snarling
stamping their feet, rolling up
their sleeves, pouring out their curses.
And in their language saying
That we demand to disestablish the Church.
She can drink watery soup, she can
eat barley bread, she can walk
in their clogs. She can live on
her own / independently, she can have a widow’s Cap
on her head, and instead of fashioning
silk and satin, some can have Alpaca [wool]
or linsey*, this is your
language; and; but; Let
Cader Idris listen, let it prick up its ears
?to the fair [mwyn] bare-topped summits of

[ctd in image 8b]

Note: * Linsey-woolsey (less often, woolsey-linsey or in Scots, wincey) is a coarse twill or plain-woven fabric woven with a linen warp and a woollen weft. [Wikipedia]

Translation (p.8b):
[ctd from image 8a]
the Brecon beacons, and snowdon, and the ports of
Miall [unidentified], nor not even the gates
of hell, they will not overcome her
you might as well try to put
A saddle on the back of the lightning
bolt, a noose on the neck of the whirlwind / or to lasso a whirlwind
; yes this much I say
Make [skin garments – bilis?] to ameliorate
the earthquake if you insist –
and then you will [be able to] destroy
The Church of England. The old Church
that had challenged / faced hurricanes
of prejudice and the flowing waters
of libel; the old church of the Father(s)
and the bishops; the old church of the
princes and kings
; yes the old pure Catholic church –
the old church; and every
rope in its bell tower, and every
Stone in its wall is consecrated.

Translation (p.9a):
Englyn [=short Welsh metrical poem] epitaph of Dau Willi Gipps
Here lies Dau Willi [=Dai]
Gipps; he went out on his walking trips;
May he (let him) beware every
Stranger: lest falling
Amongst devils;
[New item – marginal cross just visible]
The city that is on top of the breast of the hill: and
didn’t sing of residents
To the ugly dust [of the grave] this one [city=dinas?] goes.
[mynd – elo – this one goes]
And may she escape the house of Engion.
[New item – marginal cross just visible]
It is a privilege for me to have bara brith =
And dishes of sugar and milk
Tea [of tears?] [for?] every plague amongst us,
[New item – marginal cross just visible] Is it a proverb?
Every cell and small room will be opened
With unity we will be blessed / rewarded
And/With locks and doors of steel
[will open – is ‘egir’ implied or missing?]

John Morris Ivor Street Dowlais no.67
[=in fainter ink, as is the superscripted \l/ of ‘chlogau’]

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