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Translation (p.11a):
[Damaged page – text lost from each side; written on Accounts paper]
??Captive Servant??

[…] the cross wretch/scoundrel although??
[…] ?? and heavy
[…] [?gorthrymder = oppression] and hardship / recession
[…] unless he dares
[…] his passion says no

[..d] of like and world of muck
your empty bottle to us
on every hand
Shemsin Twrbil*
[*See research notes in Word document]
[…] year 1339 there was a famine
Scotland as there were
men dying of the?? lleibid – snatcher, devourer
in the fields whilst grazing
the grass
Shakespearian Annua[l?] \Alman\ac//*

Let the end try the Man*

Notes: World Cat books notes this Almanac: Dr. O. Phelps Brown's Shakespearian annual almanac
[Jersey City], [N.J.] 1870-[82?]
Selections from Shakespeare’s plays

“Let the end try the Man”: From Henry IV part 2, Act 2 Scene 2, Prince Henry speaking to Poins.

Caethwas = A slave
Caith/Caiff – will be got
A servant/slave is to be obtained?

Translation (p.11b):
[Damaged page – text lost from each side]
[…] Great crying (llefain) … and shouting gweiddi? […]
[…] large valley floor of Leny[…]
[…] carved stones melting [=into the background?] […]
toddy – toddi – to melt
[…] bare
In case Twm Sion Cati [= Robin Hood figure]
An Englyn of David Sacri ?? \the Poet/(bardd)
There are 100 fierce claws
[…] And gnashing teeth
??briw = wound
briwo/briwio – to wound, to injure the [Gauls?]
[…] the house is worse than[…]
[…] Fierce; [raving / mad]

As [we would worry?] the spirit
?A spry trem?
bad. = Which snatched me
from the top of the old rubbish/dust heap? (= mwlwg)
[yn yr hen fwlwg – frustration (Meirionedd), can’t see out, clearly
mwll = stink, sultriness
yn y mwll – in a fog
mwllwch - sultriness]

Behind me I caught a glimpse
[…] the big commotion
[…] ?Towers of smoke

[Perhaps a reference to Sodom and Gomorra?]

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