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Whilst on holiday in Pembrokeshire in August 2017, Tom recalls a memorable boat trip out to Grassholm. Recollection as follows: "On the 10th August 2017, as part of our summer holiday to Pembrokeshire, we took a boat trip out from St Justinian’s to Grassholm. A few hundred metres short of Grassholm we were joined by a pod of common dolphins, who stayed with us for about twenty minutes. In this pod there was at least one mother and calf, who didn’t seem to be phased by the boats at all! When we got close to Grassholm we had no idea where to look; dolphins were bow-riding the boats and the sky was full of gannets – it was amazing to just sit and watch surrounded by these two top predators, with the cacophonous noise and overpowering fishy smell of a living Grassholm colony in the background. Certainly an experience that I’m sure no one present has forgotten." Description: 1) Common dolphin, with the Fishguard ferry in the backdrop. 2) Common dolphins with Grassholm in the backdrop. 3) Common dolphins and Northern gannet, with Grassholm in the backdrop.

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