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WCIA, the Welsh Centre for International Affairs, was founded in 1973 to be 'Wales' voice in the world' - championing the cause of Internationalism started by the founders of Wales' Temple of Peace from 1938. WCIA continues this work today - approaching its *50th Anniversary* in 2023 - leading Welsh projects on Global Learning, Global Action, Global Partnerships and Peace Heritage, as well as acting as the guardians and venue hire/managers for Wales' iconic Temple of Peace & Health. SUMMARY: This issue focuses on the expanding role that the WCIA has within public opinion and government policy, with increased influence and organisation around economic development and social wellbeing in the UK and abroad, with the special commemoration of International Women's Year and the 200th anniversary of the US Declaration of Independence. It has been able to host a wealth of influential figures from the UN and from UK Government departments in Wales. They have helped to push Britain’s role as a force for good to elevate different countries in its unique position of influence as a member of the Commonwealth, the European Economic Community (the EEC as the predecessor to the present European Union) and the UN. CONTENTS - COVER Page of the WCIA Third Annual Report Page 2 & 3. - CONTENTS Page. - “President’s Foreword” of the WCIA in English and Welsh. Page 4 & 5. - “The Welsh Centre and the World” section by Lord Harlech on the importance of the WCIA maintaining a well-informed public opinion on government policies in an interdependent world of growing complexity. - “Membership” of the WCIA. Page 6 & 7. - “Membership” of the WCIA. Page 8 & 9. - “Membership” of the WCIA. - “The Second Anniversary” section reflects on former British Prime Minister James Callaghan’s special appearance at the 2nd-anniversary meeting of the WCIA that took place on United Nations Day on 24 October at the Temple of Peace. His speech featured Britain’s interest in making international institutions work, concessions between richer and poorer countries and peaceful use of nuclear technology. Page 10 & 11. - “The United States Bicentennial” section celebrating the 200th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence commemorated by the Welsh Centre. Including a visit from the US Ambassador to Cardiff, meetings and conferences across Wales, the ‘Latchstring ‘76’ party of 17 from Wales visited American areas where most people emigrated to in the last 150 years and music abroad. - “Activities” conducted by the WCIA. - “Economic and Social Affairs” section. (i) International Women’s Year in 1975 to concentrate international community’s attention on the advancement of the status of women all over the world with various events to be held in Wales and London. (ii) UN Law of the Sea Conference. “The Conflict of the Uses of Waters off the Western Coast of the United Kingdom” conference taking place in Swansea from 19-21 September 1976, organised in conjunction with the David Davies Memorial Institute. Page 14 & 15. - “The Hill, Abergavenny” Conference organised in conjunction with the Gwent Education Committee that looked at the question of the sea and its resources on a world basis around the North and Celtic Seas. - “Bangor Normal College” organised in conjunction with the Extra Mural Department at the University College of North Wales, Bangor. - “Tenby” Conference organised in conjunction with the University College, Aberystwyth. (iii) “Other major United Nations Conferences”. (iv) “The World Bank” holding a conference in conjunction with the Welsh Centre on major world social and economic problems with a representative range of Welsh bodies. (v) “Overseas Development Ministry” made a £2500 grant to the Welsh Centre for 1976/77 towards administrative costs. The Director of the Welsh Centre was invited by the Minister as a member of a Working Party to prepare a report on the future UK structure for development education and information for non-governmental organisations. “Political and Security Affairs” section. (i) “The United States Bicentennial”. (ii) “Lord Goronwy-Roberts” as Minister of State at the Foreign & Commonwealth office as guest speaker at Newport on the inequalities dominating the rich and the poor as Britain would become an important ‘bridge-building negotiator’ as a unique member of the Commonwealth, the EEC and the UN. (iii) “Mr Ivor Richard” as the Permanent Representative and Ambassador of the United Kingdom to the United Nations visited Wales in his official capacity highlighting achievements of the UN and Britain's role in the world agenda. Page 16 & 17. - Continuation of “Lord Goronwy-Roberts”. (iv) “Lord Caradon” as the former Permanent Representative of the United Kingdom to the United Nations addressed the National Residential Sixth Form Conference at Swansea and addressed UN Association meetings organised by local branches. (v) “Mr Frank Field” as Director of the UN Association of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and Secretary-General designate of the World Federation of UN Associations at Geneva visited North Wales. - “Goodwill Message of the Youth of Wales to the Youth of the World - 18 May, 1976” prepared by six pupils and commemorated at the Annual Ceremony held at the Temple of Peace. - “Schools Curriculum Project” short piece. - “International Service Programme” for a summer work camp program by the WCIA, who is the second-largest organiser of international workcamps in the UK with 150 volunteers involved from 12 countries. A list of individuals, countries of origin and their responsibilities. Page 18 & 19. - “Diary of Conferences, Special Meetings, Tours and Exhibitions”. Page 20 & 21. - Continuation of “Diary of Conferences, Special Meetings, Tours and Exhibitions”. - “Finance” section on grants received by the WCIA. Page 22 & 23. - “New Appointments” to WCIA. - “Special Committees” in Development, Maritime, and Political and Security. Page 24 & 25. - “Publications and Press Cuttings”. Page 26 & 27. - “Reports of Organisations represented on the Coordinating Committee” such as the United Nations Association at the Welsh National Council General Meetings and Council for Education in World Citizenship-Cymru. Page 28. - Continuation of the “Reports of Organisations represented on the Coordinating Committee” such as grants for Freedom from Hunger Campaign Wales.

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