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WCIA, the Welsh Centre for International Affairs, was founded in 1973 to be 'Wales' voice in the world' - championing the cause of Internationalism started by the founders of Wales' Temple of Peace from 1938. WCIA continues this work today - approaching its *50th Anniversary* in 2023 - leading Welsh projects on Global Learning, Global Action, Global Partnerships and Peace Heritage, as well as acting as the guardians and venue hire/managers for Wales' iconic Temple of Peace & Health.
SUMMARY: The ninth edition by the WCIA continues to promote various international development initiatives, the fiasco surrounding East-West detente and the continued effectiveness of the Centre to inform democratic policy-making for the British government and the agendas of various international organisations.
CONTENTS Page 1. - COVER Page for the WCIA Ninth Annual Report (1982)Page 3. - CONTENTS Page.Page 5. - “President’s Foreword” of the WCIA in English and Welsh on the coverage of major world issues around disarmament and development by ensuring the people of Wales can see their contribution to international peace and understanding. 140 international volunteers from various countries travelled to Wales to work on social service projects.Page 6 & 7. - “Message from the Speaker of the House of Commons” George Thomas praising the WCIA in encouraging the people of Wales to engage in debate on great international affairs and be well informed on world issues as part of Parliamentary democracy contribute to ensuring a fairer world. - “Membership” of WCIA.Page 8 & 9. - Continuation of “Membership” of WCIA.Page 10 & 11. - Continuation of “Membership” of WCIA. - “The Eighth Anniversary” Meeting discussing the ‘Brand Report, the British Response’ from the British government and people held in conjunction with UNESCO. - “Activities” of the WCIA. 1981 Events. (i) “International Residential Conference for Students in Industry, Aberystwyth, September 17-20” by CEWC-Cymru in conjunction with the Development Corporation for Wales with the theme ‘The Challenge of British industry - the USA, Europe and Japan’. (ii) “World Food Day, Llandrindod Wells, 16 October” in conjunction with the UK FFHC, marked by an all-Wales Conference on the theme of ‘mankind was able to put a man on the moon… it cannot solve the world’s problems of hunger and malnutrition?’ including various government and major NGO figures. (iii) “Eighth Anniversary Meeting - Temple of Peace, 23 October”. (iv) “Welsh Counties Committee, London, 3 November”.Page 12 & 13. - Continuation of 1981 events (v) “Visit of Dame Judith Hart, MP 5-6 November” to Swansea and Newport. (vi) “Annual Clwyd Conference - Mold, 6 November” on ‘Conservation on the Environment’. (vii) “Visit of Mr Frank Field, 9-13 November” as International Secretary of the World Disarmament Campaign participating in meetings and visiting schools across Wales. (viii) “Memorial Service, Lord Goronwy-Roberts, London, 26 November”. (ix) “UN Personeel, London, 26 November”. (x) “Visit of Mr Mark Cherniavksy, 7-8 December” as Head of External Relations at the European Office of the World Bank to various places in Wales. (xi) “Memorial Service, Sir Gilbert Rennie, London, 10 December” as Secretary of the United Kingdom Freedom from Hunger Campaign attending. - “1982” events. (xii) “Visit of Lord Caradon, 20-22 January” as former UK Ambassador to the UN visiting and speaking in Cardiff. (xiii) “Visit of Mr Frank Field, 25-27 January” as International Secretary of the World Disarmament Campaign visited North Wales. (vix) “Visit of Mr Roy Dean, 1-2 February” with an official from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office speaking at various locations in Wales. (xv) “Visit to NATO and SHAPE, 8-9 February” by WCIA Director meeting leading figures of the organisations. (xvi) “Special UNA Delegate Conference on Arms Control and Disarmament, Temple of Peace, 20 February”. See page 23. (xvii) “Visit to Foreign and Commonwealth Office, London, 25 March” where the Director attended a briefing session on the UN Special Session on Disarmament in New York. (xviii) “Conference on UNCTAD Trade and Development Report, 1981, London, 25-26 March”. (xix) “Annual National Residential 6th Form Conference - College Harlech, 29 March - 2 April”. See page 24. (xx) “CEWC-Cymru Annual General Meeting, Temple of Peace, 15 April”. See page 25. (xxi) “Visit of UNICEF Education Officer - Temple of Peace, 22 April”.Page 14 & 15. - Continuation of 1982 events. (xxii) “UN Association Annual General Meeting, Temple of Peace, 24 April”. See page 23. (xxiii) “Goodwill message of the Youth of Wales to the World - Neges Ewyllys Da, May 18” focused on dangers and injustices that exist in the world and call upon the Youth of the World to work together for a better tomorrow. (xxiv) “International Service Programme - All Wales, July - August” for 13 summer work camp programs by the WCIA with 140 international volunteers involved from 15 different countries. A list of individuals, countries of origin and their responsibilities. - “Tenth Anniversary Appeal”.Page 16 & 17. - “Finance” section with Income and Expenditures of the WCIA up to December 1980.Page 18 & 19. - Continuation of the “Finance” section with Income and Expenditures of the WCIA up to December 1980.Page 20 & 21. - “UN International Year of Disabled People” donations for the UNICEF project in Sudan raising £30,000 to help 600 children’s lives. - “The Advisory Committee for Development Education and Information” session on Brandt Report follow-up, World Food Day, Education, Development Education and Overseas Development Programmes. - “Special Papers” with the WCIA’S 9th publication with ‘The Fiasco of Detente and its Lessons’ by Research Consultant Goronwy Jones. The paper showed the breakdown of East-West detente from superpower behaviour in non-European conflicts, ideological confrontation and the need not to interfere in each other’s domestic affairs or provide a unilateral advantage in ‘Third World’ conflicts by using the UN Security Council. - “Publications and Press Cuttings” receiving 60 on all aspects of international affairs covering different organisations, regions and thematic issues. - “Contract With UNESCO” renewed its association with the Centre’s Conferences on issues of particular importance, such as world peace and development. - “The United Kingdom Freedom from Hunger Campaign” on the projects in India and Zambia.Page 22 & 23. - “Reports of Organisations represented on the Coordinating Committee”. - “United Nations Association, Welsh National Council '' 36th General Meeting concentrating on the UN Convention on Inhumane Weapons, NATO’s arms sales abroad, the Falklands crisis and the special Delegate Conference on “Arms Control and Disarmament”.Page 24 & 25. - “Council for Education in World Citizenship-Cymru” Annual General Meeting held in Harlech with the theme ‘Wales, Europe and the World’ looking at the EEC in relation to national and international development issues. The acceptance of a syllabus on World Development Education was passed by the Welsh Joint Education Committee to be taken by lower sixth form pupils. List of exhibitions and conferences.Page 26 & 27. - “Freedom from Hunger Campaign (Wales)” made a contribution of £1000 towards Wales IYDP UNICEF Project. - “Salvete” of staff changes. - “Obituaries” of Dr Illtyd David, Mr Eryl Davies and Mr Myrddyn Morris. - “The Welsh Centre Exists To” advertisement, Covenant for donation and Bankers Order Form.Page 28 & 29. - Advertisement for “The North Wales Institute of Higher Education”.Page 30. - “What the Welsh Centre for International Affairs has achieved” poster.

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