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WCIA, the Welsh Centre for International Affairs, was founded in 1973 to be 'Wales' voice in the world' - championing the cause of Internationalism started by the founders of Wales' Temple of Peace from 1938. WCIA continues this work today - approaching its *50th Anniversary* in 2023 - leading Welsh projects on Global Learning, Global Action, Global Partnerships and Peace Heritage, as well as acting as the guardians and venue hire/managers for Wales' iconic Temple of Peace & Health.
SUMMARY: The 1985 issue arrives on the fortieth anniversary of the founding of the United Nations amidst continued challenges around a variety of development issues. Special attention should be paid to the collaborative initiatives between the WCIA, CEWC-Cymru, UNICEF and UNESCO in achieving each other’s objectives.
CONTENTS Page 1. - COVER Page of the WCIA 12th Annual Report.Page 3. - CONTENTS Page.Page 4 & 5. - “President’s Foreword” of the WCIA, Alun Taflan Davies, in English and Welsh reflecting on the famine in Africa and the 40th year of the UN amidst continued challenges of hunger, poverty and tensions between nations in a nuclear age.Page 7. - “Message from the Secretary-General of the United Nations Javier Perez De Cuellar” reflecting on the 40th anniversary of the founding of the organisation and the WCIA’S reputation in raising awareness of the problems and opportunities facing the world.Page 9. - “Membership” of WCIA.Page 10 & 11. - Continuation of “Membership” of WCIA.Page 12 & 13. - Continuation of “Membership” of WCIA.Page 14 & 15. - Continuation of “Membership” of WCIA. - “The Foreign Secretary Speaks at Annual Dinner” article on Sir Geoggrey Howe as guest speaker at the Welsh Centre’s Third Annual Dinner, discussing the ‘United Nations at Forty’ in its strengths, weaknesses and effectiveness.Page 16 & 17. - Continuation of “The Foreign Secretary Speaks at Annual Dinner” article, focusing on the weaknesses of some of the UN programmes but a determined effort for the UK to build on its strengths. - “Mr Heath Addresses Anniversary Meeting” piece on the former British Prime Minister and member of the Brandt Commission speaking at the Eleventh Annual Anniversary Meeting of the Welsh Centre, advocating for a joint plan by Western countries to tackle famine in Ethiopia and weapons spending against developing countries. Features a picture of some of the members attending. - “Dr David Owen Speaks at the Temple of Peace” as SDP Leader on Britain's historic responsibility for the institutionalised apartheid in South Africa.Page 18 & 19. - “The Wrexham Seminar on the UN” with various UNA figures, members of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the Treasury, the UN, universities, media and non-governmental organisations. - “The Year’s Activities” - 1984 events. - “International Residential Conference for Students in Industry (CEWC-Cymru, Aberystwyth, September 6-9”. See page 24. - “Dwyfor District Council Welsh Centre Special Evening, Pwllheli, September 27”. - “Preseli District Council Welsh Centre Special Evening, Haverfordwest, October 18”. - “South Wales District Rotary Meeting, Tenby, October 20” on world development issues. - “Visit of Lord Grenfell, Special Advisor, World Bank Washington (in conjunction with the Bank of England), Temple of Peace, October 22” with representatives of business and commercial organisations in South Wales interested in world development issues, the debt crisis and problems facing the World Bank. - “Eleventh Anniversary Meeting, Temple of Peace, October 26”. - “Clwyd Conference on ‘The Debt Crisis - The Challenge to World Economic Stability’, (in conjunction with Clwyd County Council), Mold, November 2”. - “Interfaith Service, Temple of Peace, November 4”. Llanelli Borough Council - Welsh Centre Special Evening, Llanelli, November 6”. - “Donald Miller, Memorial Public Speaking Competition for Cardiff Schools, (CEWC-Cymru), St Illtyds, November 8”. - “Conference in conjunction with the Court of Justice of the European Communities, Temple of Peace, November 9”. See Page 29. - “Rhymney Valley District Council - Welsh Centre Special Evening, Ystrad Mynach, November 15”. - “Carmarthen District Council - Welsh Centre Special Evening, Carmarthen, November 21”.Page 20 & 21. - “Model Security Council Debate (CEWC-Cymru & Cardiff UNA), Temple of Peace, November 23”. See page 25. - 1985 events. - “Meeting Between Mr Edward Heath & Representatives of Local Authorities in Wales, London, January 23” to discuss the latter’s role in responding to the Famine with a range of possible policy strategies dealing with immediate or long-term needs, purchasing of transportation and distribution of materials, investment in national infrastructure, boost agricultural production, provision of relevant training. - “Torfaen Borough Council - Welsh Centre Evening, Pontypool, March 7” with a £3340 cheque received by William Davies on behalf of the Wales Freedom from Hunger Campaign towards improving the water supply for peasant farmers in Zambia. - “Dr David Owen Addresses Welsh Centre, Temple of Peace, March 22” focusing on the Langa Massacre, South Africa, and the UN’s Fortieth Anniversary Year. - “Visit of Lady Ewart-Biggs, President, United Kingdom Committee for UNICEF, North Wales, March 27-28”. - “Visit of Mr David Summerhayes, Disarmament Adviser, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Mid & North Wales, April 10-11”. - “General Council, UN Association of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, London, April 12-15”. - “Dyfed (Carmarthen) Federation of Women’s Institutes Annual Meeting, Llandeilo, April 29”. - “Visit of Mr Erik Jensen, Director, UN Information Centre, London, South, Mid and West Wales, April 30-May 2”. - “Visit of Mr David Richardson, Director, International Labour Office, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, North Wales, May 7-9”. - “Ladies Committee of the Wales Freedom From Hunger Campaign Spring Fair in aid of the Famine in Africa, City Hall, Cardiff, May 16”. See page 34. - “Goodwill Message of the Youth of Wales to the World - Neges Ewyllys Da, May 18” focused on the International Youth Year. - “Dobinson Award - Risca Comprehensive School, Gwent, May 24”. - “Welsh Centre Third Annual Dinner, Temple of Peace, May 31”. See page 15.Page 22 & 23. - Continuation of 1985 events. - “West Glamorgan Conference on ‘Ethiopia - Why?’ (in conjunction with West Glamorgan County Council) Swansea, May 31” featuring the Secretary-General of the Commonwealth Secretariat addressing 80 delegates representative of county life. Features a picture of the delegation. - “Dyfed Conference on ‘Ethiopia - Why?’ (in conjunction with the Dyfed County Council), Carmarthen, June 7”. - “Visit of Mr Malcolm Harper, Director UN Association of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, South & West Wales, June 17-19”. - “Lord Mayor of Cardiff, Councillor Norman Lloyd-Edwards receives representatives of Cardiff schools to mark the Fortieth Anniversary of Signing of UN Charter, City Hall, June 26”. See page 26. - “International Youth Service Programme - All Wales, July-August” with a list of events, dates and details.Page 24 & 25. - “Youths’ Contribution” concentrated on the work of CEWC-Cymru in schools, colleges and industrial apprentices from the UNA Wales International Youth Service bringing volunteers to Wales and sending British overseas. - “CEWC-CYMRU” conference programme, in conjunction with UNICEF. Based on the theme of ‘The New Technology: Its Impact on Britain and the World’ in various Sixth Forms and schools.Page 26 & 27. - Continuation of the “CEWC-CYMRU” conference programme. - “UNA (Wales) International Youth Service” projects around Wales focusing on the International Youth Year. Features an international link of volunteers and aims to bring more young people throughout Wales and the world to benefit from worthwhile community projects and learn about other cultures.Page 28 & 29. - “Welsh Centre Fellow” article on Mrs Alison Heard, who is in her second year of duties at the Department of Education in the University College, Cardiff. Features a list of schools in Wales entering pupils for the A/O World Development exam. The syllabus has attracted interest from the rest of the UK and from abroad. - “The Quest for Justice” article on the Welsh Centre’s Committee on Legal Affairs holding its third Conference in conjunction with the Court of Justice of the European Communities at the Temple of Peace.Page 30 & 31. - “The Advisory Committee for Development Education and Information” entry on the coordination of joint education initiatives for Welsh development issues. Includes financial contributions from various organisations. - “UN Fortieth Anniversary Publication” of a Special Paper by the Welsh Centre entitled ‘The Challenge of Internationalism: Forty Years of the United Nations (1945-85)’ with a range of contributions from academic scholars, MPs and international organisations. Complete list of “Special Papers” published by the Welsh Centre to date.Page 32 & 33. - “Special Papers” published by the WCIA. - “The Information/Resource Centre” development to provide information of comprehensive nature on a variety of subjects concerned with international affairs, the ‘Third World’, and development in general. - “Register of Speakers” compilation of people throughout Wales prepared to speak on a variety of subjects connected with development education. - “Publications and Press Cuttings” receiving 60 on all aspects of international affairs covering different organisations, regions and thematic issues. The United Kingdom Freedom from Hunger Campaign” on the projects in India and Zambia. - “UNICEF” updates on the East African and Sahelian relief operation in response to the horrors of the African Famine. £32,000 in fundraising for Ethiopia was done through the Principality, involving schools, voluntary organisations, church groups and local authorities. It will be used to help provide water supplies and essential drugs as showcased in Michael Buerk’s TV report. The concern is also focused on Dudan where the Ladies’ Committee have staged a bi-annual fair.Page 34 & 35. - “Reports of Organisations represented on the Coordinating Committee”. - “United Nations Association, Welsh National Council '' 39th Annual General Meeting with policy developments around US/Soviet Geneva Talks, British Government policy, the Non-Proliferation Treaty, Afghanistan, Lebanon and the international debt problem. - “Council for Education in World Citizenship-Cymru”. See page 24. - “Freedom From Hunger Campaign (Wales)” report on £4000 being fundraised in aid of a UNICEF project to supply wells for Sudan as part of a large rural water supply scheme in the South Kordofan area. The Ladies Committee have raised £30,000 since its inception in 1972, while Wales FFHC as a whole raised £600,000. - “UNA (Wales International Youth Service”. See page 27. - “Staff” section. - “Obituaries” for Lord Harlech, Mr R. C. Parry, Mr Alwyn Evans, Mrs Jean Barker.Page 36 & 37. - “Finance” section with Income and Expenditures of the WCIA up to December 1984.Page 38 & 39. - Continuation of the “Finance” section with Income and Expenditures of the WCIA up to December 1984.Page 40 & 41. - “The Welsh Centre for International Affairs” donation form. - Advertisement for “The North E Wales Institute of higher education”.Page 42. - “The Welsh Centre and its Achievements” poster.

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