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WCIA, the Welsh Centre for International Affairs, was founded in 1973 to be 'Wales' voice in the world' - championing the cause of Internationalism started by the founders of Wales' Temple of Peace from 1938. WCIA continues this work today - approaching its *50th Anniversary* in 2023 - leading Welsh projects on Global Learning, Global Action, Global Partnerships and Peace Heritage, as well as acting as the guardians and venue hire/managers for Wales' iconic Temple of Peace & Health.
SUMMARY: This edition highlights the importance of the United Nations to maintain international peace and global stability, especially in the declared International Year of peace, as perpetuated by various British government figures and with the first-ever visit of a UN Secretary-General to the WCIA. Further collaborative initiatives by CEWC-Cymru and UNICEF have helped raise funds as well as awareness of chronic development issues in the African continent as well as around Wales.
CONTENTS Page 1. - COVER Page of the WCIA 13th Annual Report.Page 2 & 3. - Advertisement promoting the “University College Cardiff” in English and Welsh. - CONTENTS Page.Page 4 & 5. - “President’s Foreword” reflecting on the highlight of the first visit of a UN Secretary-General to Wales, the role of the WCIA to work for fundraising causes like the Ethiopia crisis as well as the great response to the AO Level examination in development studies prepared by CEWC-Cymru.Page 6 & 7. - “Message from the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs” on the revolutionary developments shaping the world, like the free flow of ideas, dependence on international trade, history linking the world and being members of a wide range of international organisations. Secretary Geoffrey Howe highlights how the WCIA has ensured that British citizens are well informed about international affairs to ensure the peaceful development of the world.Page 9. - “Membership” of WCIA.Page 10 & 11. - Continuation of “Membership” of WCIA.Page 12 & 13. - Continuation of “Membership” of WCIA.Page 14 & 15. - Continuation of “Membership” of WCIA. - Article on “UN Secretary-General Addresses Annual Dinner” on the fourth event of its kind. Perez de Cuellar spoke on the part played by the UK in creating the UN and the decolonisation process, its peacekeeping operations, the development of the international legal order and attention on equitable economic development around the globe. Includes a picture of him examining the Welsh National Book of Remembrance in the Temple of Peace.Page 16 & 17. - Continuation of the article on “UN Secretary-General Addresses Annual Dinner”. - Article on “Sir Anthony Parsons Addresses Anniversary Meeting” regarding ‘A World in Crisis’, addressing steps to improve the functioning of the United Nations. It includes a pre-emptive sense of public diplomacy before conflict or great power involvement, the Secretary-General should be more conscious of the vast prestige among the non-aligned majority and control the potential proliferation of arms around the world. He highlights the privilege of the UK as a Permanent Member of the Security Council and its uniqueness as an asset of the Commonwealth with capabilities to negotiate, mediate and discuss problems in a UN framework. - Article on “Minister Calls for Reform of European Food Aid Policy” with Mr Timothy Raison, Minister for Overseas Development, called for major changes in how the European Community spends its large food aid budget for the UK’s Presidency in July.Page 18 & 19. - Continuation of the article on “Minister Calls for Reform of European Food Aid Policy” regarding food aid proposals to be subject to rigorous cost-benefit analysis and responsive and appropriate emergency procedures regarding food production and aid. - “The Year’s Activities” - 1985. - “International Residential Conference for Students in Industry (CEWC-Cymru, Aberystwyth, September 5-8”. See page 24. - “Launch of West Glamorgan Branch UNICEF, Neath, September 19”. See page 30. - “Towns and Development’ - A European Non-Governmental Organisations and Local Authorities Joint Action for North-South Development Conference, Cologne, September 18-20” attended by the WCIA Director. - “Blaenau Gwent Borough Council, Welsh Centre Special Evening, Ebbw Vale, October 8”. - “World Food Day, Rich Man - Poor Man Lunches, Cwmbran and Mold, October 16”. See page 30. - “Islwyn Borough Council, Welsh Centre Special Evening, Pontllanfraith, October 17”. - “Launch of Welsh Centre/University College Department of Education Alternative Ordinary (AO) Level Teachers’ Guide and Handbook, University College, Cardiff, October 18”. See page 32. - “Gwent Conference on ‘Ethiopia - Why?’, County Hall, Cwmbran, October 18”. - “Twelfth Anniversary Meeting, Temple of peace, November 1”. See page 16. - “Clwyd Conference on ‘The United Nations - Past Performance and Future Prospects’, Mold, November 8”. - “Model Security Council Debate (CEWC-Cymru and Cardiff UNA), Temple of Peace, November 27”. See page 24. - “Gwynedd Conference on ‘Ethiopia - Why?’ (in conjunction with the Welsh National Centre for Religious Education), Bangor, December 6”.Page 20 & 21. - 1986 events. - “Visit of Lady Ewart-Biggs, President, United Kingdom Committee for UNICEF, Mid and South Wales, January 30 - 31”. - “Newport Borough Council, Welsh Centre Special Evening, Newport, February 27”. - “Visit of Mr Tim Cullen, Director, External Relations (Europe) of the World Bank, North Wales, March 4 -6”. - “Visit of Paris of Director who attended the Council for Education in World Citizenship Conference and met officials at UNESCO, World Bank, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and the British Embassy, March 11-15”. - “Annual General Meeting, Welsh National Council, UN Association, Temple of Peace, March 22”. See page 34. - “National Residential Sixth Form Conference, Coleg Harlech, April 8-12”. See page 23. - “General Council, UN Association of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Manchester, April 11-13”. - “Visit of Mr David Summerhayes, Disarmament Adviser, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, South Wales, May 1-2” holding discussions on the consequences of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor accident, and East-West arms negotiations. - “Annual General Meeting, Council for Education in World Citizenship-Cymru, Temple of Peace, May 10”. See page 23. - “Welsh Centre, Fourth Annual Dinner, City Hall, Cardiff, May 12”. See page 15. - “Goodwill Message of the Youth of Wales to the World, Neiges Ewyllys Da, May 18” focused on the International Year of Peace. - “Dyfed Conference ‘Food for All - Food for Thought’, (in conjunction with the Dyfed County Council), Carmarthen, June 20” where the Minister for Overseas Development Timothy Raison addressed different delegates from different parts of the county. See page 17. Page 22 & 23. - Continuation of 1986 events. - “Visit of Representatives of Soviet Churches to the Welsh Centre, Temple of Peace, June 27”. - “UNICEF/Sport Aid £18,190 Presentation, Temple of Peace, July 4”. See page 29. - “Visit of Executive Officer to NATO and SHAPE, July 9-11”. - “IYS International Volunteer Meeting, Temple of Peace, August 11”. - “International Youth Service Programme - All Wales, July-August”. - “Activities for Young People” under CEWC-Cymru with a vigorous conference programme in conjunction with UNICEF, to allow the AO World Development course to flourish with guidance from the Welsh Centre.Page 24 & 25. - Continuation of “Activities for Young People” under CEWC-Cymru focusing on the themes of ‘Ethiopia - Why?’, ‘Technology and the Third World: What does it mean to Wales?’, ‘Nuclear Disarmament’, ‘A Threat to Peace in South Africa’ through a series of debates, films and conferences held at various schools. - “UNA (Wales) International Youth Service (IYS)” focusing on the International Year of Peace as one of consolidation and growth for the service. Young people from many nations worldwide have come to Wales to experience the culture and share their aspirations whilst engaging in invaluable community service.Page 26 & 27. - Continuation of “UNA (Wales) International Youth Service (IYS)” focusing on local projects and playschemes. It brought together volunteers from 26 different countries at the Temple of Peace to exchange ideas on peace and international understanding. Includes a ‘Programme’ list throughout Wales.Page 28 & 29. - Continuation of the “UNA (Wales) International Youth Service (IYS)” Programme list throughout Wales. - “UNICEF - Sport Aid” article on the joint venture where all monies raised were divided equally between UNICEF and Band-Aid for the funding of long-term development projects in Africa. An estimated £500,000 was raised in the Principality, with £70,000 forwarded through the Welsh Centre. It took on the role of promoting and coordinating Sport Aid through the Principality, assisting the Sports Council of Wales while also acting as one of the organisers for the Cardiff Race Against Time. Includes a list of major events with large financial contributions to the campaign.Page 30 & 31. - Continuation of the “UNICEF - Sport Aid” article highlighting major events making major contributions to the joint venture. A special presentation was arranged for the Cardiff Race attracting 24,000 entrants running a 10km course as well as the successful sales of the ‘Run the World’ tee-shirts. In addition, the West Glamorgan UNICEF Branch was launched after proceeds from a short-term charity show opened. World Food Day was marked by a series of ‘Rich Man - Poor Man’ lunches that helped donations to UNICEF to counter basic food problems. - “The United Kingdom Freedom From Hunger Campaign” article on its administration from the Welsh Centre, going into details of funds raised for its projects in India, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya and southern Ethiopia.Page 32 & 33. - “Welsh Centre Fellow” article on the ending of the Fellowship project at the University, College Cardiff, where the FFHC contributed £10,000 for special educational projects. Mrs Alison Heard has completed her two years and is now working in Oxfam, by providing supportive material and curriculum advice to schools following the AO Level course in World Development which culminated in the publication of a Teachers’ Guide and Handbook at the Cardiff ceremony. 273 candidates have taken the examination and 150 handbooks have been sold with consideration on how best to incorporate the ‘AO’ Level in the new GCSE examination structure. The Handbook and the WCIA were praised by the Minister for Overseas Development. - “International Humanitarian Law” update from the Welsh Centre Committee on legal affairs is holding a conference in conjunction with the British Red Cross Society and various academic institutes at the Temple of Peace on November 14. - “Special Papers” section highlighting the Welsh Centre’s publication of its 11th Special paper entitled ‘The United Nations and the Quest for Peace - A Personal Assessment’ by Sir Anthony Parsons, former UK Ambassador to the UN and Foreign Policy Advisor to the Prime Minister based upon his 1985 Welsh Centre Anniversary lecture and Professor Alan James’ ‘The United Nations: Broker, Big Brother or Buffer?’. Page 34 & 35. - “The Information/Resource Centre” development to provide information of comprehensive nature on a variety of subjects concerned with international affairs, the ‘Third World’, and development in general. - “Register of Speakers” compilation of people throughout Wales prepared to speak on a variety of subjects connected with development education. - “Publications and Press Cuttings” receiving 60 on all aspects of international affairs covering different organisations, regions and thematic issues. - “Reports of Organisations represented on the Coordinating Committee”. - “United Nations Association, Welsh National Council '' updates to membership. - “Council for Education in World Citizenship-Cymru”. See page 23. - “Freedom from Hunger Campaign (Wales)” tribute to the Ladies Committee Chairman Mrs J T Morgan, Mrs Catehrine Lloyd and Miss Olwen Norris. Highlights meetings, events, a concert, a ‘Mad March Fair’.Page 36 & 37. - “UNA International Youth Service”. See page 25. - “The Advisory Committee for Development Education and Information” entry on the coordination of joint education initiatives for Welsh development issues like the International Year of the Homeless 1987 and a package of educational material aimed at a Youth Training Scheme. - “Staff” changes. - “Obituaries” to senior and respected members of the Welsh Centre’s Standing Conference.Page 38 & 39. - “Finance” section on grants, receipts and payments for the WCIA.Page 40 & 41. - Continuation of the “Finance” section on the balance sheet and income expenditure for the WCIA.Page 42. - “The Welsh Centre for International Affairs” donation form.Page 44. - Advertisement for “Y Coleg Normal Bangor”.Page 46. - “The Welsh Centre and its Achievements” poster.

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