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**Avery Hardoll Petrol Pump, Harford House, Presteigne 06.02.19** A super fast model created to demonstrate the possiblities of photogrammetry to a group of young archaeologists working on the Wales-wide #UnlovedHeritage project. We had an enjoyable hour going through their ideas for a 3D VR exhibit exploring the impact of the combustion engine on the rural landscape. You can read more [here]( As there are free photogrammetry options out there for models of 50 pics or fewer I took 49 shots in just a few minutes, to demonstrate that it needn't take hours either. Given the complexity of the object - the intricate pump handle deserves a model on its own - and the restricted access this proved quite a challenge for the modelling software, but we got the result we needed. ![]( ![](

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