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Article taken from ‘Y Drych,’ a newspaper printed in and widely circulated in America. This article is a typical example of the “success” stories used to encourage Welsh Patagonians to emigrate and settle in Canada. It was thought to be too expensive to ‘fix’ the issues of flooding and irrigation in the Wladfa, and so instead the British government offered subsidised passage to Canada and cheap land upon arrival. NB. These are translations from an accurate transcriptions of the relevant article. The information offered on the website is not wholly accurate We believe this article is about the same incident that William Edward Davies talks about with Glenys James during their interview (rec no.: UNLW001-02_s2) when he was a child living in Patagonia. The dates are out by a year but the names match with the information given on the recording, and from the photograph here: PATAGONIA TROUBLES. Robert C. Williams drowning - a lost child - a boy shooting himself - dawn on the colony. AFTER DISCUSSION, IT'S RELEVANT IN THE COUNTRY. On the 6th of October, 1899, the remains of one of the colony's best young men were escorted to Gaiman cemetery, the remains of brother John Edward Jones of Bryneglwys, Upper Valley, at 25 years of age. About fifteen months previously, a very uncommon soreness, diabetes, subsided and despite all the efforts of the colony's doctors and the British Hospital in Buenos Ayres, they failed to separate; but, instead, he found his soreness in him tighter, gentler, until he was hardened by his affliction and evident to all who attended to see him that he was fast losing ground. His angry and desperate affliction suffered quietly and undoubtedly, though his affection for his family, his relatives, his friends, and for the favorite area of Bryn Crwn, was extremely strong. September 5th, word from Trelew arrived late that William Edward, the 4 year old little son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Davies, Llanerch-ddu, near Trelew, was lost. Several of Trelew went to help the family search for the little one, and diligently wandered through the night, until about 6 o'clock the following morning, when his footsteps were found entering a deep lake of water. Searching was stopped for a break, to chase for a boat, and after finding one, was pursued again and he was found crossing the water lake to a high bank, where he had been there all night. How he got through a large, overflowing old bed full of water is a mystery to everyone, but bemoaned the strong north wind that was blowing at the time safely carried him through. The family would like to thank the neighbors for their willing and successful service, and I wish everyone to thank and rejoice as they all for the media savior. September 20th, in Trelew, a serious accident happened to the 15-month-old child of the gentleman Gwilym Williams, Glandwrlwyd. Somehow, a handgun believed to be empty in the house was fired, and the ball went to the child's head, just above the ear and out behind the head. Mercifully, the wound was not deep, though very serious, and under skilled surgical treatment, hope for his recovery is cherished. Condolences are greatly extended to the parents of the little one in their distress. It was administered by Dr. D. G. Davies, Trelew.

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