Picture 1 - Cover of British Aluminium Rolled Products Brochure 1980

Picture 2 - Rolled Products Plant Locations including Rheola Works at Resolven, Neath Valley

Picture 3 - British Aluminium Plant Locations in 1980 including BACO Rheola Works, and Aluminium Corporation, Dolgarrog

Picture 4 - Cover of BACO Patterned Sheet Brochure for embossed sheet produced at Rheola

Picture 5 - First page of brochure detailing Pattern 2 ( polka dot) and Pattern 7 ( wire impressed)

Picture 6 - Second page of patterned sheet brochure featuring the popular engraved roll pattern 51 - known as "checkmate" widely used on the back of bus seats

Picture 7 - Application of Pattern 7 wire impresses sheet in BA1050A alloy used on the Hong Kong Mass Transit system by Metro-Cammell of Birmingham

Picture 8 - BACO Circle Products Brochure cover

Picture 9 - Aluminium circle product application in PTFE coated holloware articles produced by Tower Housewares in Wombourne, Birmingham. Aluminium Corporation Dolgarrog had its own PTFE coating plant , but Rheola Works could only supply uncoated circles.

Picture 10 - BA6082 circles clad in BA1070A alloy were widely used in aluminium beer barrel kegs manufactured by Grundy in Teddington near London. the 250t circle blanking press from Rheola was transferred to Dolgarrog to allow production to be continued. Prior to this move Aluminium Corporation relied on rotary circle cutters to produce large circles up to 2m in diameter.

Picture 11 - British Aluminium Anodised Sheet Applications Brochure 1980

Picture 12 - Applications in anodised alloys produced at Rheola were the Raleigh chopper spoke protector, heat-lighting reflectors used in bathrooms, and coloured saucepan lids ( copper coloured anodising was popular in the 1970's & 1980's)

Picture 13 - In the 1970s all cars had embossed badges riveted to their bonnets, boot lids or tailgates. Most of these were manufactured by Joseph Fray in Birmingham from a 99.8% aluminium based alloy called Domestic Trim. Again this product transferred from Rheola Works after its closure in 1981 to Aluminium Corporation in Dolgarrog. Ultimately these badges were replaced by plastic injection mouldings that were chrome plated.

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