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The Talbot Park war memorial is the focal point of the memorial park, in the centre of the main avenue. In 1918 Emily Charlotte Talbot of Margam Park donated a field in the town as a memorial for the dead of the First World War (1914-18).

The monument is a square-section pillar of unpolished granite supporting a bronze statue of the Angel of Victory, holding a wreath in one hand and a small winged victory in the other. The sculptor's name is inscribed on the bronze base, L F Roslyn 1925. A rectangular bronze plaque is mounted on each face of the pillar, each with a scene in relief. That to the front (S) has a wreath in high relief, and a band set behind with '1914 - 1918'. Below is an inscription 'To the glory of God in memory of our honoured dead who fell in the Great War'. A short rectangular bronze tablet has been inserted beneath the raised panel and reads in relief 'Also / 1939 - 1945'.
The remaining panels represent war, peace and remembrance.

Ref: DS2013_462_005

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