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Inscribed stones preserved in the church of Llanddewi Brefi. The following includes transcriptions with their translations: CISP LDEWB/1; ECM 115: a rough pillar stone, 1.09m by 0.35m by 0.2m, preserved in the church. The stone carries a vertical inscription, thought to read: DALLVS DVMELVS - in commemoration of Dallus Dumelus. Thought to be of sixth century date. CISP LDEWB/2; ECM 116: fragments of an inscribed stone are set in the exterior nave wall. The inscription, known from earlier records, is thought tohave read: HIC IACET IDNERT FILIVS IA[--] QVI OCCISVS FVIT PROPTER PR AEDIVM SANCTI 'here lies Idnert, son of Ia--, who was killed near the farm of the holy ...' Thought to be of sixth or seventh century date. CISP LDEWB/3; ECM 120: 'St David's Leaning Staff' - a tall pillar stone, up to 2.4m by 0.25m by 0.25m, preserved in the church. The upper part of the stone bears an inscised cross, below which is inscribed vertically: CENLISINIBT DS - '(the cross) of Cenlisini, may God bless him' Thought to be of seventh or eight century date.
Ref: DI2009_0141

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