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Pwdin Gwaed Gwyddau – Goose-blood Pudding


  • blood from a number of geese

  • one or two tablespoonful’s oatmeal

  • plain flour

  • salt and pepper

  • sugar

  • onion, chopped finely


  • Keep the blood from a number of geese (when killing them for the Christmas market) and beat well with a fork until cold, to avoid lumps forming.

  • Mix the oatmeal and flour with a small quantity of the blood and add to the remainder.

  • Season with pepper, salt and sugar and fold in the chopped onion.

  • Remove the skin from a goose’s neck and sew to form a long bag.

  • Pour the blood mixture into it and secure tightly at both ends.

  • Immerse in boiling water and boil for two to three hours.

  • Slice when cold and fry in bacon fat.

This ‘pudding’ was served with potatoes or with bread and butter.

Llangybi, Caernarvonshire.

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