On 2 March 1916, the Military Service Act enforced military conscription into World War One - opponents of which became known as Conscientious Objectors, or 'Conchies' for short.

The Belief and Action Exhibition from WCIA's Wales for Peace project, supported by Cymru'n Cofio / Wales Remembers 1914-18, explores the reasons why over 800 conscientious objectors in Wales chose to take the difficult path of resisting conscription in the First World War. It looks at some of the problems that they faced, when hundreds of thousands of men believed it was their duty, and sacrificed their lives, to fight for their country. What makes an individual take a stand when they feel that their conscience won’t allow them to follow a certain path?

Belief and Action also explores the legacy of these actions: In the hundred years since the First World War, how have people in Wales followed their beliefs with action in the search for peace?

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