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An article from the South Wales Echo reporting on a series of break-ins at a Salvation Army store in Grangetown, Cardiff. The article has a photograph of the shop with the caption: "FOURTH BREAK-IN: Capt. Len Perry cleans up the Salvation Army Community Shop in Corporation Road, Grangetown."

The article reads:

Third attack on charity shop
Mystery vandals don't take anything - By Amanda Baillie

VANDALS have ransacked a charity shop for the third time in a month.

Voluntary staff at the Salvation Army store in Grangetown, Cardiff, fear they may now have to find £1,300 to pay for steel shutters to stop future attacks.

“We can't really afford that kind of money, but we may be forced into it,” said Captain Faith Perry. “The whole situation is very sad.

“What sort of person would want to break into a charity shop and cause this sort of damage?

“I can't understand why anyone would do this. They didn't even steal anything.”

The culprits forced their way into the shop in Corporation Road through a side window on Friday night.

The attack followed a raid four weeks ago, when thieves stole just £11 from a cash box - then deliberately damaged clothes and other items sold for charity.

Within days, the shop suffered a second break-in, where again everything was vandalised, but nothing was stolen.

But, despite the third ransacking, the 10 volunteers staff, all pensioners, say they are determined it will be business as usual.

“We are not going to let these people put us off. We're here to stay,” said Capt. Perry.

She added: “We are not just here to raise money, but to help the local community as well.

“If someone comes into the shop who is really desperate, then we will give them something for nothing.

“It's very disheartening when something like this happens while we are trying our best to help other people.”

From Microform, Local Studies, Cardiff Library.
Image created by The British Library Board.
Copyright: Media Wales.

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