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The Second Exhibition Programme of paintings and drawings by John Dixon and the students of Abertillery Technical School Art Class. The exhibition took place at the Cwm Hotel, Alexandra Road, in Abertillery, in 1935. Whether Mr Dixon himself taught the students or simply viewed the work is unclear, however he does write a very inspirational message at the beginning of the programme. This, along with the front cover and a list of creators is featured in the images. He writes "the work is very varied and many are just finding themselves. Above all I do not want the students to settle into a groove and do all in my power to encourage experiment. Such work must necessarily be unequal, sometimes hitting the mark, sometimes falling short, but in those falling short we often find the germ of something greater to be developed. Without courageous experiment real art would cease. I have heard it said that the painter who never goes wrong is a detestable one..."

The South Wales Art Society began during the early 1880s when a group of amateurs occasionally met in each other’s homes to discuss and practice painting. Among the foundation members was the late Sir William Goscombe John. The first exhibition was held at the then Cardiff Public Hall in September 1888 and was open for six weeks, during which time some 6,000 people paid an admission fee to see it. At that time, the South Wales Art Society had its own art gallery. Later when this was no longer possible, the society held its exhibitions in the Turner House Gallery in Penarth, a branch gallery of the National Museum of Wales.

Today the Society has a membership of 200 amateur and professional artists and others who simply enjoy art. The aims of the Society are to encourage and advance art in South Wales by the promotion of demonstrations, talks, classes, workshops, critiques, gallery visits and exhibitions.

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