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RCAHMW digital photographic survey of the Manchester and Milford Railway: Cefn Blaenmerin tunnel north east entrance, taken by Brian Malaws, 20/05/2006.
Excavation for the north eastern end of the proposed Cefn Blaenmerin tunnel on the Manchester and Milford Railway. The earthworks consist of a heavily overgrown cutting into the hillside about 50m long, 8m deep and between 5m and 10m wide, about 10m south of and roughly parallel to the Nant Ceiliog. The site is shown on early Ordnance Survey maps and is marked as 'Old Quarry'. The tunnel would have been about 2.2km long; earthworks at the south western end are also extant.

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Wouldn't it be nice if these lines were reopened
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This line was never even built in the first place...
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I have visited the upper Wye valley only once in order to view any railway remains. 2 points: I would put Llangurig sta WEST not East of the village underbridge. Contractors worked in linear fashion and the works peter out just before a Wye crossing. I can't see that any more was done at this site other than stake out the land required.
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Thanks very much for your comments. On the point of the location of the tunnel entrance, I will make some enquiries, in the meantime I've added a bit more to the description, which I hope helps, RCAHMW
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It would be nice to see the sw'ern entrance too

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