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The rather sily worry about copyright on old documents such as this means that they are displayed too small to be of use and the enlargement viewer in not really helpful either. Why not display at a size that allows people to use the document =, after all isn't that the point of preserving them in the first place?
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A document that is well worth preserving. It takes me back to the mid 1960's and 70's when I worked for General refractories, who then owned Chas Davidson's
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Thanks for your comment. It would be great to see photos from your time there - do you have any to upload? Helen (Moderator)
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Nice to see the above comments. Somewhere, I've got some pictures of the Chas Davidson works and one of the handmakers, who I later met again when I worked for Butterley Brick, Lane End brickworks, Buckley.

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