Shows waterbodies, tithe-free land, land 'Now built upon', buildings. Fields are not shown.
1 ms. map : col ; Part 1: 231 x 192 cm.; Part 2: 244 x 151 cm.; Part 3: 204 x 175 cm. + apportionment schedule (5, 4, 1 leaves).
Scale 1:3,168. 1 in. = 4 chains.

This item was digitised as part of the 'Cynefin: Mapping Wales' Sense of Place' project. The project was led by Archives and Records Council Wales and funded by Heritage Lottery Fund Wales with additional financial support from Welsh Government.

The project digitised 1,224 tithe maps held in The National Library of Wales. More than 1,300 volunteers used a crowdsourcing website to transcribe and georeference these maps, indexing 28,105 pages of accompanying tithe apportionments to produce an impressive total of over 1,800,000 index records for the website.

You can browse and search the tithe maps and accompanying apportionment documents on the National Library's Places of Wales website.

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