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The area around Loggerheads and Moel Famau is deservedly high on the bucket-list of anyone today, wishing to experience the rural delights of North Wales. A generation still remembers when these parts were a place of refuge from Hitler's bombs on their hometown.

The summit of Moel Famau is a perennial favourite of mine. During 2010 I walked it several times. My camera was always ready to capture, not just the stunning scenery but something of the people, often city-dwellers who, came along to refresh the senses and connect their youngsters with the times of their own happy childhood.

In one conversation, a former wartime evacuee from Merseyside, recounted his time at nearby Loggerheads and Colomendy, the regional crecreation centre sponsored by Liverpool Education Committee.

In this tale, thanks to postal-orders from home, my subject tells how Colomendy's war-time staple, laced with humble brown sauce made for a meal to remember.

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