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John Butler is a proud Welsh "Gog" -with just enough Saesneg blood in his DNA to season passion with reality. According to his two adorable, grand-kids, he's related to half the people of Flintshire.

Widely known in the county's business and social circles, JB, "jbsandown" is a musician, craftsman, avid reader/writer -and thinker. Often burdened with keeping his thoughts to himself.

The "personal" data, as might be gleaned from his presence on "social-media", bears only passing resemblance to the facts. His age is indeterminate; he's been around for generations.

JB tries to be fair, honest and lightweight. Any who enjoy an occasional taste of the frothy broth of heritage, local culture and social commentary, might enjoy his micro-budget, collection of happenings. Mainly in and around the bit of UK he fondly calls, "Our Lovely Land".

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The Buckley Jubilee -Street Procession (1989)

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Buckley "Panto" -and the legend that...

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Shopping for my gran -Childhood memories of...

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"...they all bought cars" -The story...

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The Leaders - Hawarden Community Walks in 2009

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Bargain At The Bridge - a tale of war-time,...

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...just another vehicle -the 2009 visit to...

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The Train Driver -A veteran of Flintshire...

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Connahs Quay 1968 "Down Your Way"...

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"Another World" -Tales of The...

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ENIGMA Kay Sheargold's story -Glasgow to...

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Mynydd Isa Field For Youth "MIFFY"...

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A childhood recollection of a wartime plane...

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The value of reading and public libraries ...

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Mr Gladstone ...and the mad cow

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MOLD (Yr Wyddgrug) 2011 update on the first ...

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Stories Of Steel -My Snappin

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Brown Sauce at Colomendy

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Rotary Club of Deeside (Clwyd) -Charter...

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Wages Day at John Summers Steelworks

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Vic Williams -"I've always wanted to...

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MY DAD -Childhood memories of a steelworker&...

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Caerwys Show 2016 Introducing -the "...

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John Devenport -Welsh Entrepreneur

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The Prodigal Son -a story adapted by Dennis...

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"Safe as in God's pocket..." -A...

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The RAF Technician -Dennis Thomas pt-2 "an...

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Adventures Of Great Uncle Ernest Part#3

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The RAF Technician -a life recounted by DENNIS...

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A Gentleman's Outfitters In Shotton ...

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